Health Information Management

Health Information Management

Focused on Health Information Management (HIM), client has enabled nearly 4,000 healthcare facilities and systems nationwide to improve efficiency and deliver tangible outcomes.  


Our client had been building state of the art HIM system with Medical Coding and Case Management. In order to fully cover up their life cycle, it was required for them to build an Auditing platform as the final services to their clients. They had attempted to build the Auditing software 3 times but all had failed because of the inflexibility of the software to cope with the ever changing requirement not only coming the clients; but the government policy regarding to Medical treatment and behaviors. In order to comply with State and/or Federal regulations, the Audit software must be adaptable in term of recording data model and front-end UI display.  

Technical Solution 

  • IMT built a small yet very competent team who were able to tackle not only the complexity inside HIM industry but also the ability to customize Audit entry elements accordingly. The team was able to achieve such success thanks to their collective code ownership as well as self-managing skill they had gained over time.
  • Technologies used: .Net, WPF, WCF, MVC, C#, Oracle, SSRS.  


  • Beta users from direct end users and management boards gave extremely positive feedback for the product.
  • Most of changes regarding to latest federal regulation could be done overnight.