IT Solutions for Healthcare

Our IT solutions have seen use in the healthcare industry. Our systems are trusted by health professionals, helping them show their patients that they care.


We support all stages of the eHealth development process:

  • Compliance
  • Concept
  • Design & Development
  • Submission
  • Release

We Offer:
● Real-Time Monitoring
● Cloud/AI-Based Auto-Scalability
● Usability & ISO-62366 Compliance
● Security & Compliance With IEC-62304 and ISO-27001

Other Post-Market Guarantees Include:
● Product Maintenance
● L1 – L3 Support Lines
● Data Collection & Analysis
● Management & Reporting
● Updates, Adaptations, & Market Adaptability

Try Our Ready-To-Use Management System:
● ISO-13485 & GMP/FDA Audit Compliant
● Standardized Operating Procedures (Development & Submission)
● Efficient Workflow Compliant With Industry Standards
● Support for ISO-13485, ISO-14971, & IEC-62304 Training

We Promise Success and Offer:

● Workshops to Support Product Conceptualization
● Support for Regulatory Strategy, Classification, & Documentation
● ISO-14971 Compliance & Management
● Initial Design for Solutions Architecture
● Lifecycle Planning & Tailoring (IEC-62304)
● Proof of Concept Implementation
● Clinical Trial

Agile-Based Design & Development (IEC-62304):

● Strategy: Regulations, Requirements, Proof of Concept, Architecture
● Pre-Development: Intended Uses, Classification, Compliance Strategy
● Management: Support for Quality Assurance (ISO-13485)
● R&D: Adaptation & Adjustment
● Clinical Trial: Support & Delivery
● Risk Assessment: Compliance Check (ISO-14971)

We Support Your Submission:

● Review Submission/Certification Documents (Technical Details Included)
● Submission Readiness Reports (Highlighted GAPs Includes)
● Issue Discovery & Resolution

We Make the EU MDR Simple. We Resolve:
● Medical Device Reclassification
● Adjustment & Preparation (Technical Files)
● Problem-Solving During Submission


We Understand What Healthcare Professionals Need:

Health Information Manager

Our client, an industry leader with nearly 4,000 facilities and systems using their product, needed us to help make their auditing platform more flexible. They tried three times to make a program adaptable enough to keep up with constantly changing client and government policies to no avail. Their system was state of the art, well able to handle medical coding and case management, but the auditing was simply sufficient enough to deliver tangible success. It needed to be adaptable in recording data models, have a user-friendly UI display, and have the potential to keep up with the latest trends. Our engineers, understanding the requirements, built a system that met these conditions and our client left happy with what they received.

Medical Report System

The customer was a global IT innovator from Japan, who specialized in delivering technology-enabled solutions. They needed an offshore support team for their healthcare system, designed for report management based on patient type (Child, Parent, etc.) Needing to process over 500,000 records a month, the system needed to process registration, invoice, documents, and other forms of data, after which the customer would then be provided an accurate payment statement. We used Java, Spring Batch, NHibernate, JUnit, Maven, and Oracle DB to create a system able to process every detail necessary to track the client’s details. With this, the client’s data needs were met and they were able to keep their finances running efficiently.

Dental Care System

A leader in dental care needed our support in making a centralized system for patient data. This system would help automate administrative work for the back office while allowing dentists to track patient schedules, followups, referrals, transfers, and even loop up other dentists. Within six months, IMT Solutions designed the architecture, developed and tested the program, and then deployed it with appropriate knowledge transfer and post-release maintenance. Thanks to this, the client was able to keep growing and continue providing services for its customers.

Migraine Buddy

The mission of a Singaporean healthcare data analytics firm was to revolutionize healthcare by allowing doctors and stakeholders to use mobile devices, sensors, machine learning, and big data to manage chronic illness. They released “Migraine Buddy” which allowed patients and doctors to work together on treating migraines. However, their budget was limited and they were having trouble finding qualified experts to develop and test their product. Our specialists, trained in Agile and experienced in Java/Android/Mobile, came to the rescue, providing quality service and a competitive cost. We were able to meet their strict testing schedule, granting the client success, and winning us a multi-year contract.

BPO Service

Getinge, the world’s largest exporter of washer disinfectors and sterilizers within the hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and laboratories industry, contracted us for support. Managed by a SQL server-supported T-Doc system, they needed IMT Solutions to help them with automated and manual data entry. For automation, we developed a script to import Excel data to the SQL database. Our engineers would then review and remove duplications or simply adjust the data. Even if a data source was hard-copied or sent as a PDF, we were still able to input the data manually. Through these efforts, the customer could accelerate their input with high-quality data, made possible by our automation and well-trained staff.