Automated tracking and predict with Stock Analysis App

IMT Solutions has developed a cutting-edge stock analysis app for a Singaporean financial institution…

The best financial institute comes with the best stock analysis app

Think of Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, or TD Ameritrade without their offered stock analysis apps, it won’t make big changes, but it sure will affect their investing experience. What makes these apps so important to both investors and the stock market? It aids users in informed decisions making for faster and more accurate actions by automation and real-time updates, as mentioned below:

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Automated tracking with stock analysis app

In the realm of financial tracking, the automation of tasks like market analysis and investment monitoring has become essential for minimizing errors and streamlining stock valuation procedures. A robust stock analysis application should offer key functionalities:

  • Seamless synchronization of users’ financial and investment accounts.
  • A comprehensive dashboard providing real-time tracking reports of financial activities.
  • Customizable portfolio management tools for effective asset allocation.
  • Visual aids, such as charts, aiding in portfolio performance evaluation and stock research.
  • A dedicated monitor for comparative analysis of stocks and companies.
  • Monitoring features to track and avoid brokerage and mutual fund fees.
  • Regular updates for both free and premium versions of the application, ensuring optimal functionality for users.

Smart prediction on stock application

The app’s system is continuously supplied with real-time data through the app’s advanced updating features, ensuring that the information is consistently current and relevant. By leveraging both the real-time tracking capabilities and synthetic features of the application, the system generates intelligent predictions. These predictions are not only based on the most up-to-date data available but also take advantage of additional synthesized information to enhance accuracy. The goal is to provide investors with valuable insights and support in making informed decisions, especially in complex and high-stakes financial scenarios.

The building process of IMT’s stock analysis app

As the leading company in fintech system development, IMT Solutions adheres to a methodology spanning critical stages:

  1. Client Engagement and Requirement Capture: IMT Solutions begins projects by understanding the objectives and specific needs of the client and gathering requirements to define the scope of the project. This phase involves a great deal of discussion and a detailed requirement collection.
  2. Strategic Planning and Analysis: In order to align with our client’s strategic goals, our team conducts comprehensive planning, feasibility studies, and detailed analysis. We follow a clear project roadmap with milestones to ensure alignment with the client’s goals.
  3. Design Excellence and Prototyping: IMT Solutions’ designers create wireframes, interfaces, and prototypes based on project specifications, visualizing the application’s structure and user experience in an user-centric manner.
  4. Precision Development with Compliance: To comply with stringent standards in the financial sector, we prioritize precision and security in developing backend, frontend, and API integrations.
  5. Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance: The stringent testing protocols we use ensure optimal performance and security by identifying and rectifying bugs before they appear in the system.
  6. Client Collaboration for Perfection: We value client feedback, actively involving them in refining applications to achieve continual excellence.
  7. Seamless Deployment and Ongoing Support: The team ensures seamless deployment, scalability, and ongoing support after launch, addressing issues and implementing updates.
  8. Strategic Launch and Market Penetration: Our strategic launch and market penetration assures that we reach the right audience across the relevant platforms by strategizing the application’s launch.
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How have the new stock analysis application aided our client in Singapore

Our client was a Singaporean bank and security company, they were in need of a hi-tech financial solution to help their investors manage their profile and trade on informed decisions effectively. The client trusted IMT Solutions for this project, aiming for a seamless system for their operation. Our stock analysis app provides their users an optimal experience with world-class safeness, they can easily access and track stocks’ data at any time from any location. Users can also manage their account, portfolio, watch-list, coming with the ability to create indexes, analyses, report charts, also allows for dispute and complaint resolution with real-time notifications. At the end of this project, the client has got for themselves a safe and powerful financial tool, which helps them thrive and strengthen their market’s position.

Get your business its own application with IMT Solutions

Trusting your next stock analysis app with IMT Solutions, you might wonder what will happen, let go through the “what”, “how” and “who” with us right here.

What – What will you get from partnership with IMT Solutions?

Safest and most effective systemThroughout and dedicated support teamThe most luxurious thing in this digitized era: Discretion (you won’t find our previous client’s names, but you know our next one is you)

How – How do we build the safest and most effective stock analysis application for your needs? 

At IMT Solutions, our approach to crafting the safest and most effective applications for your needs is deeply rooted in our 15+ years of innovation expertise. As Vietnam’s premier provider of Award-Winning Solutions and IT Services, our commitment to excellence is evident in our comprehensive delivery models. We prioritize long-term partnerships, focusing on ISO 27001-certified Agile infrastructures, ensuring robust security and efficiency in our solutions. Our unique culture revolves around sustainable innovation, fostering trust-based relationships, and our core values of Customer Appreciation, Innovative Spirit, Individual Respect, and Enduring Relationships. This holistic approach drives us to create applications that not only meet but exceed your expectations while prioritizing security, innovation, and lasting value.

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Who – The faces behind your next brilliant application.

Our skilled team powers the development of your next-gen stock analysis app, fueled by innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We prioritize building lasting partnerships with clients, partners, and stakeholders, ensuring a collaborative and technically advanced approach for superior solutions. Embracing a distinct technical culture, we focus on sustainable innovation, prioritize customer-centricity, and uphold stringent discretion protocols. Our commitment to innovation positions us as industry frontrunners, while our respect for diversity and adherence to the Golden Rule underpin our values.

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