Commodity Trading

Commodity Trading

The client was formed in 2012 to provide oil traders, hedgers, producers, refineries and investors with comprehensive access to the global physical and financial marketplace. The client is deploying a state-of-the-art platform that eliminates trading friction by providing open access to all of the world’s oil markets. The client creates a new marketplace experience offering unprecedented trading speeds, enhanced operational efficiency, comprehensive liquidity and tighter bid ask spreads. It’s an entirely new approach that allows access to all oil products in any location on a single screen.  


Electronic trading had become key to accessing the global marketplace, but existing technologies struggled to meet the needs of the modern oil industry. Traders were looking for easier and faster ways to manage risk. Technology was lagging. Market access was limited. Liquidity was fragmented. Traders were frustrated. The client has challenges to build a strong technical team to create a better solution, one that can be agile enough to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.  

Technical Solution: 

  • IMT built a qualified team who has very strong technical background to work closely and daily with the client CTO, technical architect and business expert to design and implement new technologies / solutions. IMT create an agile working environment to helps client ensure time to market releases.  
  • Technologies: C#, MVC 3, WCF, LightStreamer, FIX protocol, RabitMQ, Node JS.  


  • IMT works closely with the CTO and build the new solution / technology for commodity trading market.  
  • IMT helps the client to build an agility continuous integration system to release product to market.
  • The new technology is now integrated with CME, the biggest trading platform in the world.