RPA Solutions

Our RPA solutions have won many IT awards, with our partners using them to better process back-office paperwork. Our use cases will be sure to impress you.

Case Study: Manufacturing

The world’s #1 comprehensive motor manufacturer reached out to us. They planned to use RPA to automate everything from HR to procurement to reduce the time and effort their employees spent processing things. The two most important factors for measuring project success were reducing errors and making them more traceable. However, several different operational processes slowed things down and made controlling the input and output difficult. However, by using our RPA, they increased their efficiency, making it much easier to handle other systems like ERP, PLM, and more! Profit was made and IMT Solutions had another happy customer on its hands!

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We can help you

We provide customized solutions to our clients, regardless or their industry, service, or digital stage. Heavy industry, embedded software, you name it, with our experience and knowledge, we can build you the solution to suit your exact needs!

Our Technology

IMT Solutions provides an offshore working model where project managers and business analysts work together to create high-quality, cost-effective solutions. We provide expertise in for Desktop Apps, Web UI, and even Mobile Solutions.

Our Achievements

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an automation-based technology where AI workers can emulate human interactions within digital systems to fully execute a business process. Our expertise in this has won us fame all over the globe and our solution is now used by a variety of businesses.


By using UiPath, anyone can create a robot that can mimic human actions on the user interface of computer systems. The basic components of UiPath help drive greater efficiency and production. Using components like UiPath Studio, Robot, and Orchestrator can bring great benefits to your business; see our blogs to learn more..