The first Workshop of 2023 – Applying Pipeline to Azure DevOps!

On January 5th, we held our first workshop of the year.

At IMT Solutions, we are committed to offering better service to our partners. 

So, on January 5th, we held our first workshop of the year. It’s simply not enough to hire the best; we need to train our people to be the industry’s best too. This is why we do everything possible to help them understand every single facet of their various toolsets. Therefore, we hold as many workshops and training programs as possible for the sake of our team members.

For this workshop, we focused on the ways teams could use Pipeline. By doing this, we can focus on how they can improve Azure development and deployment for their projects. In doing this, they can avoid redundant work and enhance the quality of our software.

We focused on three points:

  1. Core Ideas of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
  2. The Pros and Cons of Pipeline
  3. Applying Pipeline towards Azure DevOps

By helping our people better automate their work, we hope they can further improve their skill sets and help us better serve our customers.

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Updated: January 12, 2023

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