Today, many companies turn to software testing outsourcing to guarantee their products meet the highest standards without overstretching internal resources. However, selecting the right partner can be challenging. This guide will help you assess the quality of software testing outsourcing companies, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Key factors to evaluate software testing outsourcing companies

Reputation & Experience

When evaluating potential software testing outsourcing companies, start by examining their reputation and experience in the industry. About industry reputation, a company’s reputation within the industry speaks volumes about its reliability and the quality of its services. So how to evaluate reputation? You can evaluate it through online reviews and testimonials. Check platforms like GoodFirms, Glassdoor,… for unbiased reviews from past clients and employees. Additionally, you can also research to see if the company has received an award or not. Because companies recognized by industry bodies or those that have won awards are often more credible. Look for accolades that highlight excellence in software testing.

Next is about years in business, experience is a critical factor. Companies with several years in the business are likely to have refined their processes and methodologies, ensuring a smoother partnership. You can evaluate through longevity and client retention rate. Firms with a long history are more likely to have faced and overcome various challenges, making them more adaptable and resilient. If the company has high client retention indicates consistent satisfaction with the company’s services.

Reputation factor - Evaluate software testing outsourcing companies

Technical expertise & capabilities

Technical expertise & capabilities ensure the company has the technical know-how to meet your specific testing needs. To evaluate this factor, you first consider the range of services. A competent software testing outsourcing companies should offer a comprehensive suite of testing services such as functional testing, performance testing, security testing, usability testing,… to cover all aspects of software quality assurance. 

Next, see if the testing company has certification in industry or not. Because certifications and adherence to industry standards are indicators of a company’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Some certifications that you should learn about include ISO, ISTQB,…

Communication & Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are crucial for successful relationships. Therefore, when working there should be clear communication channels. Clear and open lines of communication ensure that both parties are aligned and any issues are promptly addressed. Let’s talk carefully about the response time, for example: at least 6 hours, software testing outsourcing companies will respond. Beside, the partner should provide regular updates on project progress, milestones achieved, and any roadblocks encountered.

Additionally, the use of modern collaboration tools can enhance project transparency and coordination. Some tools used by many businesses are used by many businesses such as Trello, Asana, Slack, Skype, and so on. If software testing outsourcing companies require you to use an unfamiliar tool, you should research that tool in advance to avoid being scammed or losing information.

Communication factor - Evaluate software testing outsourcing companies


Data security is a critical concern when outsourcing software testing. Ensure software testing outsourcing companies have robust data protection policies and complies with relevant regulations. Some regulations you should know such as:

  • GDPR compliance: For companies operating within the EU or dealing with EU citizens’ data.
  • HIPAA compliance: For projects involving healthcare data, ensuring the protection of patient information.
  • Data encryption: Assess the company’s use of encryption for data in transit and at rest to safeguard sensitive information.

The software testing outsourcing companies should be willing to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect your proprietary information. Ensure the NDA terms adequately address your confidentiality requirements and provide legal recourse in case of breaches.

Quality assurance process

You should investigate the testing methodologies the company employs to ensure they align with your development process and project requirements. Some methods you can refer to are Agile, Waterfall,… To know which method is suitable for your project, you should take a look at the article Types of project management methods for business to find a method most optimal.

Next is about automation capabilities, automation can significantly improve testing efficiency and coverage. Ensure the software testing outsourcing companies have expertise in popular automation tools and frameworks. If you don’t know what automation tools are available and what situations each tool should be used for, you should read the article Automate your testing process with automated testing tools. This article will answer all your questions about automated testing tools.

Quality assurance process

Cost & Value

When partnering with any software testing outsourcing companies, transparency about costs is essential. You can learn the company’s pricing models and choose one that aligns with your budget and project scope. Some pricing models you can refer to are:

  • Fixed-Price model: Ideal for well-defined projects with clear requirements.
  • Time & Materials (T&M) pricing model: Suitable for projects with evolving requirements, where billing is based on the actual time and resources utilized.
  • Dedicated team model: Best for long-term projects requiring a dedicated team working exclusively on your project.

While cost should not be the sole deciding factor, it is important to ensure you receive good value for your investment. Some companies offer additional services that can provide added value and contribute to your overall project success. What you need to pay attention to is whether software testing outsourcing companies provide specific advice for your project or not. Should you choose a method to both optimize costs and improve processes?…

How to conduct an in-depth evaluation of software testing outsourcing companies

Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Creating a detailed RFP can help you gather comprehensive information from potential outsourcing partners. RFP is a convenient way to track information related to the type of service you need such as project scope, technical requirement, budget,… Besides, assess the responses based on criteria such as technical expertise, communication skills, and cost. You can use a comparison matrix to objectively evaluate and compare the responses of software testing outsourcing companies.

Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Conduct interviews & demos

Interviews and demos provide an opportunity to interact directly with the company’s team. So, you should conduct technical interviews with key team members to assess their expertise and problem-solving skills. It includes project managers, lead testers, and automation experts in the interviews to evaluate their approach to common testing challenges.

Next, request demos of their testing tools and processes to see them in action. Observe their testing process from planning to execution and reporting. Through this you can also evaluate whether you should cooperate with them or not.

Selecting the right software testing outsourcing company is crucial for ensuring the quality and success of your software projects. By following these guidelines, you can confidently choose one of the software testing outsourcing companies that will deliver high-quality results and contribute to your project’s success. Remember to leverage RFPs, interviews, and demos to gain deeper insights and build a successful outsourcing relationship.

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