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We respect upmost updated standard for a safe system

IMT Solutions understands the pains of breach risks in this digital era – you need a safe system for your business.
That’s why we follow the ISO 27001 – global standard in information security, providing ISMS framework within organizations and any database platform, this is the most effective and inclusive standard for any level of fintech systems.


We protect your systems from any risks

Software risks

DDoS attacks
DDoS attacks

Disrupting system’s traffic regulations, causing downtime and operational difficulties

Our systems feature robust infrastructure, cloud-based protection, incident response plans, and ISP collaboration to ensure resilience and continuity.

SQL injection
SQL injection

Data theft codes that enter application’s software to access, modify, delete and even gain control over the entire database server

We strengthen code with parameterized queries, input validation, and least privilege access. Implement web app firewalls to block malicious inputs for robust data protection.

MITM attacks
MITM attacks

Hackers intercept communication between two parties, potentially gaining access to sensitive data

IMT Solutions secures against MITM attacks with SSL/TLS, encryption, software updates, and multi-factor authentication, ensuring system integrity and data safety.

Brute force attacks
Brute force attacks

Attackers use trial and error to guess passwords or encryption keys to gain unauthorized access to a system

We fortifies systems with strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and vigilant monitoring to shield against brute force attacks. Regular updates enhance protection.

Hardware risks

Hard drive failure
Hard Drive Failures

These can result from mechanical issues or data corruption, leading to data loss.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, IMT Solutions assures system security via regular backups and proactive hardware health monitoring, ensuring resilience against hard drive failures.

power supply issue
Power Supply Issues

Faulty power supplies or power surges can damage components.

Protect against power issues with backup systems and surge protectors, ensuring continuous operations for uninterrupted business reliability.

Outdated firmware
Outdated Firmware/BIOS

Not updating firmware or BIOS can lead to compatibility issues and vulnerabilities.

With our regular updates on firmware/BIOS, any systems built by IMT Solutions are ensured with the strongest protection.

Disk error
Disk Error

Hard drive issues, such as bad sectors or disk errors, can lead to data loss.

At IMT Solutions, we make sure disk checks, monitoring, and backups are done periodically – best risk management protocols for safest systems.

Our experts are specialized for you safe systems

IMT's experts understand domains

As the core of IMT Solutions, our experts understand your business’s pains and needs, we are more than capable of making your wished systems come true.

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Expertise in crafting reliable systems, IMT provides various fintech services to best suit your business growth with dedicated customization and throughout support for the product.

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