Legacy technologies and systems hold companies back especially in today’s digital economy. We help our clients improving the velocity of new feature delivery, exposing new functionalities , making it more cost effective and easier to maintain by rearchitecting, re-engineering, and recoding; re-platforming applications from on-premises to the cloud or re-hosting; replacement and retirement of legacy applications.

With our 12 years of experience in IT services and digital transformation, by partnering with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, UiPath, Oracle etc., we provide the application modernization services that just not only help to reduce cost, mitigate risks and increase agility but also create new user experience and new revenue stream.


Our service offerings

  • Application Modernization Consulting: We investigate your legacy application architecture, code and infrastructure, then provide detailed guidance on the improvements that can help you to derive max value from previous investments and meeting the new business requirements.
  • Application Enhancement: System re-architecture and re-design to improve scalability, stability, security and performance…
  • Database Migration & Data Integration:Migrating from legacy databases to the latest ones. Developing automated workflows to connect and joint data from different sources.
  • Platform Migration:Migrating legacy apps or modules to modern platform. Migrating on-premise app to the cloud platform.

The Benefits of Application Modernization

The benefits of App Modernization can be summarized as

  • Improving the velocity of new feature delivery. Modernized systems can cope with new business changes much faster, capture new opportunities and improve user experience.
  • Taking your system to the next level of stability and scalability that the digital economy requires
  • Seamlessly integrating different systems and services enable your teams to work more effectively and securely across distributed locations, business units and throughout your network of partners and clients.
  • Creating new user experience and improve customer engagement and interaction.


Our Expertise in Modernizing Microsoft Technologies

We have been part of the Microsoft ecosystem for the last 12 years. We have been the gold partner of Microsoft for the last 10 years and understand Microsoft technologies inside out. We will help you to maximize your Microsoft investment.

  • Application Enhancement: System re-architecture and re-design to take advantages of the .NET and Azure platform. Develop new modules or sub-systems using .NET or PowerApp.
  • Database Migration & Data Integration:Migrating from Microsoft Access, Oracle or DB2 to PostgreSQL or SQL Server. Integrating with PowerBI for advanced reporting, leveraging Azure machine learning capabilities for prediction.
  • Platform Migration:Migrating legacy apps or modules to .NET platform. Migrating on-premise applications to Azure platform


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