The client is a startup providing a secure and private cloud computing semiconductor workflow platform for the global market. The cloud computing architects turned to us to help develop a high performance, collaborative cloud computing environment that has been launched successfully in Singapore, the UAE, and Malaysia.

  • Description:

    As a technology startup, our client had challenges recruiting IT talent to build its innovative chip design cloud-based platform. The CTO and VP of Product Development were looking for a partner who could help them ramp up a team using effective communication and flexible work design to facilitate the transfer of the product vision to the team to implement. The team needed to be familiar with the Agile working model to ensure the product met the critical time-to-market requirement.

    => IMT assembled a team with highly specialized skills to develop scalable cloud infrastructure to host collaborative, state-of-the-art design tools for leading edge manufacturing technologies.

  • Technical Solution:

    IMT built a qualified team with expertise in the agile working model and a strong technical background to work directly with the client’s CTO and VP to implement the product based on their provided vision of the product features and technical architecture.

    The main technologies are:

    • AngularJS, HTML5, Bootstrap for front end development, and Node.js for the server side script
    • The private cloud platform Joyent Triton created by Joyent, which has been used by many industry leaders (https://www.joyent.com/private-cloud)
    • Top secure data transportation between client and server by leveraging enterprise grade Cisco infrastructure with isolated VPN per use, as well as multi-factor authentication using Yubico technologies
    • Cassandra and Titan Graph Database to achieve optimal performance in dealing with big data
    • Apache Spark and Apache Shark for big data analytics
    • Apache Hadoop
  • Achievement:

    IMT built a qualified team who are good at agile working model and has strong technical background and communication skill to work directly with the client’s CTO and VP to implement the product based on their provided vision in product features as well as technical architecture.

    • Successfully implemented the platform based on the provided vision of helping chip design industry users access cutting-edge chip design tools at a reasonable and affordable cost unachievable by the traditional approach. The platform was built to easily scale to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent users.
    • Helped the client to build a continuous integration platform to ensure the time-to-market of the release while upholding quality standards. With the CI platform in place, a stable build is rolled out weekly, which is estimated to reduce 20% of the effort wasted on troubleshooting, testing and late bug detection