The client is on the leading edge of software solutions development for the financial industry. The Canadian company outsourced the development of an iPad application for a financial services provider to us.

  • Description:

    • The client creates paperless financial application processing platforms to provide effective solutions for their corporate customers.
    • A Registered Education Savings Plan required an iPad application. They had a fully working application done in Silverlight and wanted to develop the iPad application with a very similar interface design, but using iPad features.
      • We implemented a seamless business delivery platform with a simple interface to communicate with customers, branches and reps.
    • Challenge 1: The application involved calculations that were somewhat complex.
    • Challenge 2: The application needed to work offline, store data in the encrypted XML/Jason files, and synchronize with the server upon connection.
      • We integrated diverse 3rd party libraries and complex solutions to deliver on-demand services.
    • Challenge 3: The chart needed a clean and elegant interface to showcase client products to customers and allow reps to create real-time online applications. The users required the option to export the information to a pdf file or print it directly from the iPad application.
      • We designed an interactive and intuitive yet simple and elegant interface.
  • Technical Solution:

    • IMT built a qualified team that was adept at agile working models and had a strong iOS technical background to work directly on this project.
    • During the project, we needed to communicate back and forth with the customer on the UI design, calculations, web service, and third party library to complete the project on time and maintain quality standards.
    • Besides the standard iOS development toolkit, we used 3rd party libraries to deliver special requirements such as SQLite, XML, synchronized web service, FusionCharts lib, PSPDFKit framework, and AirPrint
  • Achievement:

    • By using the Agile Scrum process for the project, the client could see the demo at every step and adjust the requirements based on the customer’s needs. This helped them to release the application while meeting quality standards and time-to-market.
    • The client was able to achieve significant cost reductions and access a large pool of talent with the ability to scale up easily to meet business requirements.