The client is a Singapore-based healthcare technology company that produces big data and analytics solutions. Its solutions are revolutionizing healthcare by allowing doctors and health stakeholders to take advantage of mobile devices, sensors, machine learning and big data in the management of chronic diseases.

  • Description:

    • IMT was invited to play a role in speeding up the introduction of a new mobile platform to help patients and doctors do a better job of collaborating on migraine care.
    • The mobile platform faced a short release time due to market competition.
    • The developers wanted to reduce the testing cycle by having more QA resources join the system test phase.
    • The project required a QA partner with experience in web and mobile testing at a competitive cost to meet the short team ramp up time.
  • Technical Solution:

    • IMT leveraged its internal QA testing pool to staff up 4 testers in just 1 week.
    • We provided a testing solution to shorten the test cycle and minimize the cost of testing, as well as ensure the time to market of the application.
    • Market readiness was assured through mobile testing on various Android devices and multiple web browsers.
  • Achievement:

    • Completed testing for the mobile healthcare platform at a minimized cost.
    • Met time-to-market objective as per client’s expectation.