The customer is a Singapore-based healthcare technology company that produces data analytic information. Its goal is to revolutionize the healthcare industry by allowing doctors and health stakeholders to take advantage of mobile devices, sensors, machine learning and big data for the management of chronic diseases.

  • Description:

    • The client was building a new mobile platform named "Migraine Buddy" that help patients and doctors do a better collaboration on migraine care.
    • The client had limited budgets as well as difficulties in finding qualified development resources with agile development methodology and Java/Android/Mobile testing to handle the development of its mobile applications. Therefore, they were looking for a qualified partner at competitive cost and high quality.
  • Technical Solution:

    • IMT provided qualified development resources that are good at agile development methodology to minimize cost of development as well as ensure time to market of the application.
    • Technologies: Objective C, Java, Push Notification, Scala, Play Framework.
  • Achievement:

    • Our testing team helped client to meet time with very tight testing schedule for time-to-market of the mobile application.
    • Our developers became an integral part of the client's global development team and the contract was extended to multiple-years.