Clients are a Singaporean bank, Security companies in Vietnam.

  • Description:

    • The app allows user to trade stocks anywhere, anytime for local and foreign markets (SGX, BURSA, HKEx, NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, IDX SET and NYSE ARCA...) from their mobile phones.
    • Key features are: account management, portfolio management, watch-list, Index creator, Analysis and charting, notification and alert, Dispute and complaint…
  • Technical Solution:

    • We worked with clients to define requirements (Business Analysis) and then, develop the Architecture, High-level design, Basic design, development and testing, deployment.
    • Lighstreamer was used to implement true push technology to the browser with advanced bandwidth allocation and management capabilities.
    • On the server we used RabbitMQ to implement Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (a protocol developed by a consortium of which includes JPMorgan Chase and CISCO).
  • Achievement:

    • Trading System was designed and built in modular components with extensibility, scalability and performance.