Client sought to upgrade its cross-cultural learning platform to help non-native English speakers who face unique language and cultural challenges when attending English colleges and universities, or doing business with English-speaking enterprises. The international education provider teamed up with IMT to develop an extensible online English test practice platform

  • Description:

    • The client wanted to develop a TOEFL Practice Test Online Application that could be used by students around the world to take practice TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) tests.
    • The application needed to be integrated with other e-learning systems so students can take a test after completing an e-learning course.
    • We developed an extensible application with integration and security features to help our client protect the app content from being copied.
  • Technical Solution:

    • The ODC was set up at IMT with resources selected by the client to implement the system.
    • The IMT team worked closely with the client to build the requirements, helping the client to design the system architecture as well as the cloud deployment infrastructure solution.
    • The solution was built based on ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, and MSSQL Azure and is deployed on a cloud platform – Microsoft Azure
  • Achievement:

    • Achieved cost reductions while still ensuring time-to-market and a high quality learning platform widely used by international students to test and practice their English skills.
    • Leveraged the cloud platform to deploy a system with a small upfront cost that can easily scale up as the business grows.