The client is an online remarketing site where people in Europe can sell or buy their vehicles.

  • Description:

    If someone wants to sell a car, he could take pictures of his vehicle and send to our client. Then our client will help him sell that car by online marketing. The same way for a person wants to buy a car. And customer needs us to provide a service to filter and classify all the car images sent from their clients.

  • Technical Solution:

    We will classify vehicles manually basing on two conditions and entry to the online CMS system:

    • Body Styles: distinguishing among MPV, SUV, sedan, 3 doors hatchback, 5 doors hatchback, van, or passenger…
    • Facelift: distinguishing what generation the vehicle belongs to (the year of producing).
  • Achievement:

    After 3 years, our team has grown to 12 members working permanently in the Asia offshore center. We completed filtering and classifying for hundreds of thousands of cars a week.