IMT works with the clients to define a Service Level Agreement (SLA) during the contract negotiation. The SLA has a set of of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure the project goals are met. For example, some KPIs could be ramping up testing team within a week, percentage of false negatives is less than 5% or finding at least 95% of bugs. IMT management team tracks and reports these agreed KPIs regurlaly and proactive actions are taken whenever there is a potential risk to the project.

A tyical KPI set includes three (03) components:

  • Service KPIs
  • Quality KPIs
  • Business KPI

Service KPIs

  • Resource ramp-up time
  • Staff turn-over (attrition)
  • Meeting schedule
  • Service delivery fullfillness
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Team knowledge on client products and process

Quality KPIs

  • Test escape: all high priority bugs are indentified
  • Test coverage
  • Percentage of test automated
  • Percentage of false negatives
  • Percentage of false positives
  • Duplicated bugs 

Business KPIs

  • Blended hourly rate actual vs. budgeted
  • ROI of automated testing
  • ROI by exploratory testing
  • Productivity improvement over time
  • Turn around time of sanity testing, regression testing
  • Schedule adherence
  • Testing effort distribution

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