Taking your software out for test flights is only as good as the plane you are flying in. Beta testing tools help you avoid a crash once your software goes live. New beta testing tools and features are coming on the market daily to help make your test flight smooth. How do you choose between the many different features and functionality? This review of top beta testing tools can guide your decision on which one is right for you.

Centercode is a cloud-based platform for managing beta tests. The comprehensive suite of tools and functionality can also serve as your virtual project manager. Your entire development project can be coordinated through Centercode Connect, a web-based based platform for managing beta tests.

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  • Customizes customer building: define user profile, collect info, group by criteria
  • Coordinates user management: monitor, survey, assign tasks, trigger user's action with automation capability
  • Controls release management: product distribution, FTP uploads
  • Provides feedback management: bug reports, feature request, custom workflow, collaboration, impact analytics
  • Makes developing the user survey easy: survey template, survey scheduling
  • Monitors reporting: reporting engine, geographic report
  • Ensures system integration: remote configuration, single sign-on, open web service, access restriction
  • Controls the project from the executive dashboard: capture project information, present data from across projects

Every aspect of managing a beta test is covered including user profiling and targeted recruiting. Testing is optimized through surveys, bugs, suggestions and feedback (with defect tracker integration). Communication can be managed through tasks, discussion forums, participation monitoring, email, reporting, wikis, and more.

If working on a software development team, Usersnap provides a shared development platform on which to expedite your work. Usersnap is a visual bug tracker for everyone working on a web project. The visual feedback and bug tracking tool are easily managed from your web browser.

  • Creates browser screenshots and provide feedback
  • Tracks and reports front-end bugs in the browser
  • Provides bug tracking dashboard: viewer, searching, team collaboration
  • Records JavaScript errors & XHR logs
  • Captures screenshots and additional information

Communication and collaboration across a team of developers, clients and quality assurance personnel are faster and more effective. Troubleshooting is made easy through simplified bug tracking and issue management.

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UserTesting provides a near real-time user testing environment and a larger tester base. The user research platform gives you access to a large panel of users on-demand, who also have the option of taking the test on mobile devices. A video feed enables you to monitor the users while they perform your specified tasks on the website or app. Live or via the recording, you can see and hear what features and functions cause them to get confused and frustrated. The platform supports unmoderated remote user testing.

  • Provides insights from video and metrics in as little time as an hour
  • Facilitates testing with your exact target audience
  • Tests any public website on computers, tablets or phones
  • Tests your released and unreleased apps on iOS and Android devices.

The panel-based usability testing service provides feedback from testers on questions you ask them about your website. As the tester browses the site, a Flash video records his/her interaction with the website. In addition to the video, a written summary by the tester explains what the user liked or did not like about the site.  A convenient feature is the ability to edit the recordings of testers. Tests can be conducted on mobile devices.

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When a system crashes or a user becomes confused, you need to know exactly what the trigger was. Was it the blue click-on box, or did the 3G slow down? TryMyUI places you in the user’s seat so you can see the activity from his/her view. This beta test provides insight into the user’s activity by:

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  • Recording a video of the user's screen as he/she uses your website and says what he/she is thinking every step of the way.
  • Providing a written response: You also get written answers to a questionnaire that you create for the customer, which he/she fills out.

You can choose whether to test your site with a pool of candidates you choose or anonymous participants. Videos let you watch the activity of these real users as they navigate your website. Every mouse click, keystroke and comment is captured by TryMYUI’s technology. If you want even more detail about the interaction dynamics, you can submit your own questions for users to respond to. A video editing function is not provided.
TryMyUI is a competitively priced usability testing tool.

Prefinery’s viral beta user acquisition platform provides a good way to target a specific user segment as peers share referrals. The testing platform tests software on web apps, mobile apps, desktop software, and video games. Visitors are turned into users through social sharing. Once a user receives a referral, he/she simply needs to sign up on the signup waitlist. Viral referrals are more likely to deliver users with similar demographics. The first set of users receive beta invitation codes.

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  • Integrates with your existing website or create a landing page
  • Generates invitation codes and connects with users via triggered email campaigns
  • Captures any information such as bugs or suggestions by using the feedback form

Everything you need to launch a testing campaign is provided. Promote and distribute invitation codes, collect email addresses, review applications and manage your launch.

Validately will help you recruit testers, distribute your tests, and analyze the results. You have the option of using your own customers or lining up testers from the Validately panel. Once you are in beta, your testing campaign can be moderated remotely.

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  • Quickly finds testers. Use your own customers or recruit from its panel.
  • Allows you to talk to and watch the screen of a live user on mobile, tablet or desktop within minutes.
  • Captures video and audio as a user tries to complete specific tasks and asks follow up survey questions.
  • Saves time and quickly analyzes results with its reporting tools. Communicates findings with teammates easily with shareable links.

Demand or usability feedback on clickable prototypes and live features is rapidly generated. The platform makes it easy to customize the software to present only what the customers will use. Validately also provides a research tool.

WebEngage helps you manage customer engagement from the customer input through to the sales stage. Everything is coordinated from your website. Hyper-targeted surveys allow you to collect feedback and customer insights. Push notifications drive sales and conversions. These and many more features are managed and the user experience customized through a simple interface.

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  • Manages surveys – Get customer insights with targeted surveys
  • Makes feedback easy to collect – Simple feedback management and customer support solution
  • Provides notifications – Push targeted offers, product launch announcements, and marketing promos on the customer site

Surveys, polls, and other useful feedback tools can easily be developed and placed on your website. These online feedback forms can be shared by users, enabling you to virally expand your target market among peers. Instantaneously add feedback elements to different webpage content and create your own viewer list. You can then set the usage rules.

Ubertesters beta-testing platform is a cloud-based, process and team management tool for mobile and web applications testing to ensure a better product is launched. The tool helps companies to manage, monitor and organize the entire mobile/web beta testing process, including in-house resources, community stakeholders, beta users, and external crowd testers.

It makes mobile testing seamless by providing all beta testing resources in a single environment.

  • Real-time in-house QA team and beta-team activities tracking and management.
  • Tester’s activity video recording. The development team can review the entire flow that lead to a bug or a crash.
  • Provides multi-platform support (iOS, Android) and over-the-air app distribution.
  • Supports all development methodologies (user stories & test cases).
  • Ubertesters SDK auto-integration.
  • Automatically collects and reports crash data & custom logs, and supports revision management.
  • Offers in-app bug editing, marking, reporting and user feedback.
  • In-platform team extension. Customer can hire unlimited number of testers by request.
  • In-platform analytics and reporting tools.
  • Ubertesters SDK auto-disabling in production mode.
  • Enables real-time team monitoring.
  • Allows integration with external "Bug-Tracking-Systems" (such as Jira, HP QC, YouTrack, RedMine and more).
  • Provides metrics, statistics, and reports for the QA team lead and project manager.

The over-the-air (OTA) application distribution makes it easy for team members to quickly come on board, and new builds are distributed rapidly. The cross-platform beta suite minimizes any compatibility issues. The beta test team has a wide range of tools (Video Recording and Screenshots capturing) at its disposal for identifying and reporting bugs. Integration with other external bug tracking systems provides comprehensive analysis, and then produces a detailed test report for users.

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If your software is buggy, many beta testing programs are up to the job helping you find users, and identify issues and fix them. With the clever use of social media and viral marketing, many of these testing platforms can quickly assemble users in your preferred target markets. As the table shows, beta testing software is available to suit any budget.

Testing tools
Supported Platform
Supported Testing Type
Tool Usability
Integration With 3rd Party Tools
- Cloud-based SaaS
- Desktop
- Tablet
- Mobile devices
- Beta Test
- One-time integration
- Easy to deploy
- Real-time management
Defect tracker integration:
- Bugzilla
- Standard Edition: $499/month
- Impact Edition: $699/month
- Enterprise Edition: $999/month
- Web (All browsers)
- Mobile (iOS, Android)
- Alpha Test
- Beta Test
- Easy installation
- Easy to use
Strong integration with 3rd party tools:
- Bitbucket
- GitHub
- MS Visual Studio
- PivotalTracker
- Trello
- Kabanize
- Startup: 3 projects/10 users - $79/month
- Company: 10 projects/15 users - $149/month
- Desktop
- Tablet
- Mobile devices
- Beta Test
- Usability Test
- Fast feedback
- Allows real-time team monitoring
- Multi-platform support
- Live intercepts of your website visitors
- Basic:
+ $49/video
+ $99/video after first 10 videos
- Pro: Call for a quote
- Web (All browsers)
- Mobile (iOS, Android)
- Beta Test
- Usability Test
- Simple to set up
- Simple to interpret
- Suitable at all stages of development process
Integrates with usability testing tools:
- UX diagnostics
- UXCrowd
- Personal: Pay per test: $35/credit
- Team: $299/month
- Agency/Enterprise: Call for a quote
- Web (All browsers)
- Mobile (iOS, Android)
- Beta Test
- Customizable to adapt to user requirements
- Free phone and email support
- Secure and reliable
- Integrates directly with MailChimp and Zapier.
- Publishes the sign up form to a 3rd party service such as Wordpress, Instapage, Lander, Pagewiz, Squarespace, Unbounce, Weebly, Wix, and more.
- Bronze: $49/month/500 users
- Silver: $99/month/2000 users
- Gold: $225/month/5000 users
- Desktop
- Tablet
- Mobile devices
- Beta Test
- Usability Test
- Easy to setup
- All-in-one platform
- Real-time management
- Solo: $39/month/1 live test
- Product: $79/month/3 concurrent tests
- Team: $199/month/10 concurrent tests
- Enterprise: Call for a quote
- Web (All browsers)
- Mobile (excludes OperaMini)
- Beta Test
- One-time integration
- No code change on customer site
- Changes reflected in real-time
- Available in 43 languages
- Basic: $49/month/ website
- Standard: $149/month/ website
- Premium: $449/month/ website
- Enterprise: $949/month/ website
- Mobile platform (iOS, Android).
- Cross-platform frameworks (Unity, PhoneGap/Cordova, Xamarin).
- Web-apps
- Beta Test
- Functional Test
- Localization Test
- Usability Test
- SDK Testing
- Interruption Testing
- Website analysis and competitors testing
- Easy to setup
- Flexible
- All-in-one platform
- Real-time management
Can integrate with 3rd party Bug Tracking System:
- Asana
- RedMine
- YouTrack
- Mantis
- Unfuddle
- HP Quality Center
- Free
- Indie: $19/month
- Startup: $59/month
- Pro: $129/month
- Enterprise: Call for a quote