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Industry News


Mobile Dev + Test Conference, San Diego, CA, April 17–22, 2016 |  – Mobile Dev and Test

The Mobile Dev + Test Conference addresses mobile development for iOS and Android as well as mobile testing, performance, design, user experience, smart technology, and security. Hear from experts in the field about where the future of smart and mobile software is headed.

Test Management Summit, London, UK, April 26 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

The Test Management Summit is a one-day conference focused on software testing that takes place in London. In the agenda of the Test Management Summit conference you can find topics like “The future of Test Data Management”, “Developing Excellent Technical Testers”, “Achieving Zero Bugs on the Test Environment”, “Security – What can testers do now?”, and so on.

BlazeMeter Extends Open Source Load Testing – Software Development Tools

BlazeMeter has announced new functionality giving developers freedom to run any combination of Gatling, The Grinder, Locust, Selenium and JMeter tests in parallel through a single unified control language, both locally and in the cloud.

Neotys Provides Continuous Performance Testing – Software Testing Magazine

Neotys has announced the world’s first Continuous Performance Validation solution for load testing and performance monitoring across the entire application lifecycle.

Kovair Adds Testing Capabilities to LDRA Integration – Software Development Tools

Kovair Software, one of the leaders in Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) has announced the phase II release of its Omnibus Integration Adapter/Connector for LDRA Testbed, a leading product in providing core static and dynamic analysis engines for both host and embedded software.

SOASTA Releases New Performance Management Platform – Software Testing Magazine

SOASTA has announced the Winter 2016 release of its Digital Performance Management (DPM) Platform. Fueled by the DevOps philosophy and Agile methodology, DPM is a data-centric approach to performance management in which web and mobile applications are continuously measured, tested and optimized to deliver the best possible user experience and business outcome.

Testing Best Practices


The Top 10 App Errors Good QA Helps You to Avoid – uTest

Check out this article to find out top 10 errors of Mobile application testing. This includes, but not limited to, UI, browsing, localization, hidden features, help, connectivity and screen orientation.

Tips for mobile app testing! – Youtube

Brief overview of many techniques you can utilize when testing mobile applications.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks: Methodology and Prevention – Golem Technologies

XSS, or Cross Site Scripting, allows an attacker to execute code on the target website from a user's browser, often causing side effects such as data compromise, or the stealing of a user session. This can allow an attacker to impersonate a user to steal their details, or act in their place without consent. This article aims to be the most comprehensive cross site scripting resource on the internet.

New Tester Bug Reporting – uTest

You've accepted your first cycle!  The scope, known issues and instructions have been reviewed. After a while, you come across a bug and you click on report issue. Let's review what's required to correctly submit an issue. 

How to Test Investment Banking Application – Software Testing Help

Before we dive deeper into how to test investment banking applications, it’s important to understand this domain first. So, we will first learn the Investment Banking domain terminologies, which will help you understand the test cases easily.We have also included sample test scenarios of various testing types like database, security, and performance testing of an investment banking application.