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Belgium Testing Days, Brussels, Belgium, June 13-16 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

The Belgium Testing Days (BTD) is a four-days conference dedicated to software testing. The BTD event aims to be the best software testing conference with leading experts on Testing, QA, DevOps, Mobile Testing, Test Automation and Continuous Delivery. 

Italian Software Testing Forum, Milan, Italy, June 14-16 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

The Italian Software Testing Forum is a three-day conference dedicated to Software Testing that takes place in Milan. International experts from the industry and the academia will share experiences, knowledge and ideas about software testing and software quality. The first two days will be dedicated to tutorials and the last day to presentations in Italian.

Testing Android Apps with Robots – Software Testing Magazine

Software robots, such as Monkey can be used to test Android applications without much manual effort. There are several such tools proposed in academia whose goal is to automatically generate test input to drive Android applications.

Testing Best Practices


Highlighting taps and clicks on your videos  – uTest

In this article you will learn how to increase the value of your videos by showing you how to highlight every click or every tap you make. This article will have tips for Windows, OS X and Android.

How to Write Test Cases for a Given Scenario  – Software Testing Help

In some cases, it is difficult to optimize your testing with certain kinds of testing requirements such as different processing happening for different kinds of input and Pareto principle. Check out this article to find solutions for your question through some given scenario.

7 Best Practices for Testing in Continuous Agile Cycles – Testing Whiz

Test automation is a work of diligence, especially when it has to be performed in continuous agile cycles. In agile deliveries, it is crucial to release apps in continuous iterations and short cycles and hence, performing testing in a continuous agile environment requires careful planning and execution to achieve the pre-defined testing goals.

How to Become an Excellent Communicator as a Tester – A 4-Step Process – Software Testing Help

One of the requirements in the job ads that always grab people’s attention is “Must Have Excellent Communication Skills”. There was  no job profile that does not ask for it. All businesses need Effective Communicators. Communication skills rank right after technical skills.

How to Report Bugs Effectively – uTest

The first aim of a bug report is to let the programmer see the failure with their own eyes. Writing clearly is essential in a bug report. If the programmer can't tell what you meant, you might as well not have said anything.

A Simple Guide to Interoperability Testing (with Examples) – Software Testing Help

Interoperability testing is a huge task. This technique requires proper planning which should start parallel when system test planning starts.There are lots of factors which need to be considered while executing this technique. Keep in mind to have sufficient time for bug fixing and retesting, as this is a huge effort there should be provision for defect follow-ups.