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TestWorks Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 6-7 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

TestWorks Conference is a two-day conference focused on software testing and more specifically test automation open source tools, that takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The TestWorks conference includes workshops and interactive sessions that are provided by professionals in the software testing community.

CollabNet Released New TeamForge Version – Software Development Tools

CollabNet has announced the latest version of its TeamForge platform. New capabilities offer improved visibility and traceability that connect various development teams during every stage of the application lifecycle. It allows for greater flexibility to design workflows, stronger support for Git pull requests and code reviews, and new support for JFrog Artifactory Pro, the increasingly popular version control system for binary artifacts. 

Important Tools for Android App Testing – uTest

In order to test different aspects of an Android application, every tester needs various tools to support the testing. There are different tools for logging, digging source code when an issue was found, using an emulator to simulate different devices and so on.

Distributed Testing with Selenium Grid – Software Testing Magazine

As software development projects adopt frequent delivery approaches like continuous integration and continuous delivery, the speed of test execution become a key factor for their successful implementation. Distributed testing might be a solution that helps improving test execution speed. This article discusses the pros and cons of a distributed testing implementation process. It will also present the Selenium Grid open source testing tool.

Agile Test Management with TestRail – Software Test Academy

In agile world, you need to manage your test process with very lean and fast tools. At we searched many solutions for test case management and our first priorities are two-way JIRA integration, ultra-fast andeasy usage, short learning path and period, strong reporting and monitoring capabilities, lean and simple UI, quick and helpful support and informative documentation, and so on… Finally, we finalized this process and selected TestRail as our test case management tool.

A Step by Step Guide to IBM Rational ClearQuest Tool – Software Testing Help

Rational ClearQuest is a defect management and workflow automation software from IBM Rational software division. The main purpose and use of this IBM ClearQuest tool is a Bug and Change Request tracking tool for testing related projects. With this tool, you can track the present stage and situation of a project development at any point.

Testing Best Practices


The 4 Steps to Business Intelligence (BI) Testing – Software Testing Help

BI gives organizations a sense of clairvoyance. Only the perception is not fueled by extra-sensory ability but by facts.Business Intelligence testing initiatives help companies gain deeper and better insights so they can manage or make decisions based on hard facts or data. 

How to Investigate Intermittent Problems – uTest

The ability and the confidence to investigate an intermittent bug is one of the things that marks an excellent tester. The most engaging stories about testing I have heard have been stories about hunting a “white whale” sort of problem in an ocean of complexity. A lot of programmers will not want to chase that white whale, when there’s other fishing to do. Our challenge is to transform the intermittent bug into a regular.

A Simple Approach for Desktop Application UI Automation With PowerShell – Software Testing Help

UIAutomation is an open source project PowerShell extension for GUI automation tests. Microsoft UIAutomation is a great library for those who want to have UI automation tests on Windows desktop with PowerShell. In this article, we’ll focus on how PowerShell uses the module to implement UI automation.

Checklist for Games Apps – TForTesting

Check out this article to study the check list when testing a game application which includes, but not limited to, User Interface testing, Performance testing, Score testing, Timeout testing, functionality, and so on.

How To Be A Productivity Junkie  – Software Testing Help

We all have goals. We all want to do more and be more. There are many ways to be successfully, but the most important one is also the simplest – you have to get things done.

In other words, be productive by thinking about doing something, it does not get done.

Payment Gateway Testing – uTest

You have an e-commerce website that contains a payment gateway system to approve payments for online purchases made via credit/debit card or net banking. A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that encrypts payment information, authorizes payment and securely passes the information between the buyer and the merchant.