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Selenium Camp, Kiev, Ukraine, February 24-25 2017 – Software Testing Magazine

The Selenium Camp conference if a two-day event focused on automated testing, more specifically web testing with the Selenium and WebDriver open source testing tools. The conference provides participants the opportunity to gain new practical software testing skills with Selenium in different programming languages, both for desktop, web-based and mobile.

TestLodge Tutorial – Software Testing Help

Organizing, storing and updating testing documents takes time. A good test management tool can make this easier. In this article, we’re going to show you how you can use the latest version of TestLodge to organize your software testing projects.

Parasoft Continuous Testing within Microsoft Visual Studio – Software Testing Magazine

Parasoft has announced that its industry-leading service virtualization technology, Parasoft Virtualize, is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) Marketplace.

Robot Framework Introduction – Test Project

In short, Robot Framework is probably one of the most worthwhile test automation frameworks available in the market. In terms of value for money, it’s on the top of the list. Robot framework consists of a set of tools, techniques and abstract rules; its job (besides allowing to write automated test cases) is simplifying the test automation process. In practice, Robot is a modular test automation framework that has the capability to interact with 3rd party libraries and functions.

Testing Best Practices


Why Security Testing - Classes of Threats – uTest

The prime objective of security testing is to find out how vulnerable a system may be and to determine whether its data and resources are protected from potential intruders. Online transactions have increased rapidly of late making security testing as one of the most critical areas of testing for such web applications. Security testing is more effective in identifying potential vulnerabilities when performed regularly.

Evaluating Test Cases Quality With Mutation Testing – Software Testing Magazine

How good are your test cases? Maybe they are good, or maybe you need to add some new ones. How to tell? You can measure things like code coverage to check if some parts of your code were not executed. Still, this does not tell you anything about the quality of your assertions and your software testing results.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design Testing – Software Testing Help

The use of mobile devices to access internet has grown and become quite popular. Almost every internet user desires a mobile version of the website. However, most websites are not as optimized as they should be for mobile devices. However, different web version for every resolution and device is not practical. The Ethan Marcotte came up with a new approach- Responsive Web Design (RWD) – that solves this problem.

The difference "Severity and Priority" – uTest

A newbie on software testing may get confused between Severity and Priority. This article will help you to distinguish the differences of these two terminologies.

Testing Java REST API with Open Source Tools – Software Testing Magazine

Many modern applications are based on a REST API base software architecture and it is important to apply software testing verification to this code. In his article “REST API Test Automation in Java with Open Source Tools”, Vladimir Belorusets provides a good overview on how to test Java REST API with open source tools.

10 Worst Things a Critic Would Say About Your Software – Software Testing Help

The book  “Lesson 209: A useful release report lists the 10 worst things critics might say.” suggests that when QA is done testing and during sign off it is a good idea to include a list of 10 things that the critics might say about the product. This list could influence whether the product is ready to go live or not.

Retrieving Logs in Mobile Apps Testing with Android Studio – Software Testing Magazine

Automated testing is a key success factor when you develop mobile applications. In the Android ecosystem, the free Android Studio tool provides many useful features for apps developers. In this article, Nikolay Belousov explores how you can use Android Studio for software testing and explains how to retrieve logs.