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Software Testing Companies The Test People and Centre4 Testing Merge – Software Testing Magazine

After a successful relationship spanning many years, Centre4 Testing is thrilled to announce its merger with The Test People. This combined entity positions the organization as the largest privately-owned UK software testing company. It now offers more than 350 UK-based software testers.

Goanna Static Code Analysis Tool Acquired – Software Testing Magazine

Goanna Software provides automated source code analysis tools for kickstarting C/C++ code quality, reducing security vulnerabilities and assisting source code compliance. With its multi-patented static analysis technologies based on formal verification technology, it helps to reduce software development costs and risks.

Codeship Integrates with Amazon EC2 Container Registry – Software Testing Magazine

Codeship is a cloud-based service for testing and deploying software. The company’s ParallelCI feature helps developers to test multiple batches of code simultaneously. The integration with Amazon ECR adds to Codeship’s previous integrations with other registry services like Quay and DockerHub. It helps the company build on its capabilities, and provides added support to companies that use Docker.

Vector Software and MathWorks Combine Dynamic Testing and Static Verification – Professional Tester

In order to fully leverage the powerful synergies offered by the two tools, Vector Software and MathWorks have developed an integration that enables users to easily create Polyspace environments from within VectorCAST. Polyspace products can be launched from the VectorCAST graphical user interface (GUI), enabling static analysis of Ada, C or C++ files. By using the two tools in tandem, developers can find bugs, prove absence of critical run-time errors, identify dead code, and perform dynamic testing to verify functional correctness.

Apica Launches Powerful Load Testing Tool, Apica ZebraTester – provides access to Apica ZebraTester software, formerly named Apica ProxySniffer, for local load testing and Apica LoadTest Portal software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution with team features and mega-load test options. allows developers and IT professionals to plan, execute and analyze websites, cloud services, as well as web and mobile applications.


Testing Best Practices



Functional Tests - How to Decide What to Automate? –

When we are working on software delivery projects, we will eventually face the decision of whether or not we should automate a test for a specific scenario. The question of whether we should automate or not, is what we will discuss in this article.

An Excellent Way of Data Testing Using XML Technologies (White Paper) – Software Testing Help

Tests that are not based on functional execution of the application can find defects without mandating the release of all the components into the test environment. This can be accomplished by data testing.The XML and related technologies used for communication between different tiers of an application provide an opportunity to carry out the tests that need not wait for the entire application to be readily available for testing.

Wireframes – Should They Really Be Tested? And If So, How? – Software Testing Help

New trainees came on board and we had a training class to learn software testing concepts. After seeing those enthusiastic faces with their almost blank-slate minds (professionally), I decided to take a detour to my routine training.

What’s my open source tool for Mobile App test automation? – Test Project

That small, mobile but not so little device we’re all holding in our hands is a powerful thing. Its ability to completely takeover our lives is astonishing, technology wise, it’s all the talk and rave.  Companies use it, you’re probably using it right now – maybe not to read this article, but it’s definitely not too far away.

How to Explain Software Testing Automation at the Holiday Table – QualiTest

It can be difficult to explain the role of an automation software tester to your family and friends for a few reasons. But don't let that tongue-tie you! Being an automation software tester is awesome, and your family should know why! But everyone needs a bit of a different explanation to really understand it.

Testing on Windows 10 Mobile – uTest

Although Windows 10 Mobile is new and the market share is downright terrible, there are still many opportunities for testing. Lower end Windows Phones can be purchased for less than $100 (often times less than $50) and can be easily updated to Windows 10 Mobile using the Windows Insider Program

The Turing Test: From Star Wars to Modern Software Testing –

Hadoop, Splunk, and other modern business intelligence tools and decision support systems all have something of the flavor of artificial intelligence—that is, you ask a question and get an answer. Testing these tools is a challenge, but it can also provide opportunities for testers to shine if they can correctly distinguish an inhuman response.

I Don’t Want to Talk about Bugs: STARWEST 2015 An Interview with Janet Gregory –

In this interview, TechWell speaks with agile testing coach and practitioner, Janet Gregory. During the STARWEST 2015 conference, she presented the keynote "I Don’t Want to Talk about Bugs: Let’s Change the Conversation."

Behavior-Driven Development for Java with Cucumber – Software Testing Magazine

This tutorial looks at what Cucumber is good for Behavior-Driven development (BDD) with Java — and what it isn’t. It briefly covers what BDD is and how the open source tool Cucumber helps deliver on the promise of improved communication between the business and the development team.