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Industry News


GitLab Unveils Enterprise 9.0 – Software Development Tools

GitLab has announced the release of GitLab 9.0 to help enterprise teams solve the new challenges they face in modernizing their software development practices. There has been a massive shift in how enterprises build products and organize teams, yet the tools they have been using have not evolved in equal measure. GitLab 9.0 offers global enterprise organizations -- including NASA, IBM and CERN -- a single platform that addresses these rapidly shifting work demands, and covers 100 percent of the modern software development lifecycle.

New AI-based Software Testing Tool with a Trick: ReTest 1.0 – Software Testing Magazine

The German start-up “ReTest” brings artificial intelligence (AI) into software testing. To this end, it propagates an innovative testing approach, which is a combination of “intelligent” monkey testing and “difference testing” and works actually more like a GUI version management than conventional testing. Version 1.0 of the test tool for Java Swing is now available for download. 

ActiveState Releases ActiveGo Beta for the Go Programming Language – Software Development Tools

ActiveState, the open source languages company, today announced the beta release of their new commercially supported Golang distribution, ActiveGo. ActiveGo beta is based on the most recent version of Go (v1.8) and comes pre-bundled and pre-compiled with some of the most popular Go community packages and developer tools. 

Worksoft Partners with IBM to Support SAP Testing – Software Testing Magazine

Worksoft, a provider of automation software for high-velocity business process discovery and testing, has announced a new collaboration with IBM to offer a unified testing approach for SAP projects. 

Hackolade Introduces First Data Modeling Tool For Couchbase – Software Development Tools

Hackolade, the pioneer for data modeling for NoSQL and multi-model databases, has announced the introduction of the first data modeling software tool for the Couchbase NoSQL database community. This software is compatible with Couchbase versions 4.0 through the latest 4.6 release. Standard features of Hackolade, already popular with NoSQL database users, have been adapted to support the specifications of Couchbase. 

Acunetix Releases Plugin for Jenkins – Software Development Tools

Acunetix is pleased to announce the release of the Acunetix Jenkins Plugin. This plugin for Jenkins, the popular open source Continuous Integration (CI) automation platform, allows development and operations teams to identify and track web application vulnerabilities early on in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and crucially, before they make it into production.

Testing Best Practices


5 Ways to Overcome Your Hatred of Test Documentation Sticky Minds

Writing test documents is a good practice to have: It enforces an orderly thought process, explains what you’re planning, and improves the test strategy. But knowing it's useful doesn't make it any more fun. Michael Stahl knows this, so he has five tips to help make the idea of test documentation a little easier—or at least a little more difficult to hate.

SOA Testing Tutorial: Testing Methodology For a SOA Architecture Model – Software Testing Help

In this article, we will cover the basics of SOA with examples of it. This would give the readers a basic idea on SOA. That would be followed by the web services approach of implementation. Finally, we will get into the testing process which can be followed for a SOA architecture mode.

Pairwise Testing with Cucumber – Testing Excellence

Combinatorial testing is a difficult problem. Having to test a small number of inputs  can result in a combinatorial explosion of possible permutations. In Cucumber we see this problem in Scenario Outlines where we can have a large number of rows for the Examples table. We want to reduce the combinations to a more manageable size while still providing effective fault detection. Pairwise testing provides one method of achieving this. However providing effective fault detection is dependent on the suitability of Pairwise to the data/system, it is not guaranteed.

20 Fundamentals for a Successful Test Automation Infrastructure – Blog Test Project

In software testing, in order to prepare a successful test automation project, one must understand first its components and how to ensure sustainability and maximize performance. These are 20 fundamentals every software engineer has to complete in order to achieve a high quality test automation infrastructure for an automation project.

Reducing the Cost of Large Test Suites – Software Testing Magazine

In software test automation like in programming, the creation phase is always the easier. Then the application is delivered and starts his “maintenance” life, sometimes being tagged with the infamous “legacy” adjective. During this period the code evolve and so should be maintained. This is the same for the code that automate the software testing activity. In his article, Gojko Adzic proposes five ways to reduce the cost of large test suites.