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Industry News



STAREAST, Orlando, Florida, May 3-8 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

STAREAST is a conference for software testers and quality assurance professionals. It presents up-to-date information, tools, and technologies available in the software testing domain today. You will be able to attend conference presentations and half- or full-day tutorials.

SOASTA and Kony Partner on Mobile DevOps – Software Testing Magazine

Through this partnership, Kony and SOASTA will work together to integrate their technologies and combine their expertise to deliver a comprehensive, integrated mobile solution across the DevOps lifecycle for customers. As a result, from prototype to production, mobile apps built on the Kony Mobility Platform can be tested, monitored, measured, analyzed and optimized for peak performance with SOASTA’s TouchTest, CloudTest and mPulse solutions for an integrated Mobile DevOps solution.

Tricentis and Automic Partner on DevOps – Software Testing Magazine

Tricentis and Automic have announced a strategic partnership to enhance Automic’s release automation product with Tricentis’ testing capabilities. The combined integrated solution will enable enterprise customers to automate the whole release process, including testing. Together, Tricentis and Automic will accelerate the application journey from development to production, while communicating with teams and systems needed at each step.

Monitis Launches Scenario Load Test –

Monitis, an application performance monitoring specialist, has announced the availability of Scenario Load Test. This new service lets users combine Monitis' Web Load Tester and Transaction Monitoring so that load testing a single page with all components can now be extended by specific user scenarios and the underlying scripts that define them.

QASymphony Releases Product Update –

QASymphony, the leader in software testing for agile enterprise, announced updates to its product suite today that accelerates its leadership position in the agile testing and data visualization market. The release includes updates to the company’s popular test case management tool, qTest, and exploratory testing tool, eXplorer.

Rapise 3.0 Released - Provides Mobile Device and Exploratory Testing –

Inflectra has announced the release of Rapise 3.0, the most comprehensive and powerful automated testing suite on the market. The latest version includes support for the testing of mobile devices (including native apps) on iOS and Android devices and support for exploratory and manual testing.


Testing Best Practices



Communication Tips in Software Testing –

Communication is crucial when testing software. How the tester explains the testing results can be more important than what those results actually are. But having all kinds of communication tools at hand means you have to select and practice the ones that are most effective for your project. Read on to learn some methods of and opportunities for communication.

Types of Software Performance Testing Tools & Their Pros – Testing Excellence

With innovations coming up the technology horizon, the need of newfangled and precise testing tools has greatly risen. The use of software performance metrics can greatly reduce the hassles related to testing. These tools can help in improving the reliability, productivity, and efficiency of a product. There is a multitude of software performance testing tools that are readily available these days.

Six Tips for Building a Better Load Testing Environment –

Building a realistic test environment is essential for the success of your load testing, but it is also a challenging task that can require resolving technological, organizational, and security issues. This article can serve as a roadmap for building a faster and more efficient load testing environment that leads to quicker deployments.

Should You Test in Production? – Software Testing Magazine

Although it could appear like a counterintuitive concept, the idea of performing software testing in production has gained more and more visibility in a software development world that aims for rapid delivery of new features and where it could be more and more difficult to reproduce the full complexity of applications in a separate environment. In this article, Marc van ’t Veer discusses the concept of testing in production and why it should be performed.

Virtual Panel: Should Testers be Technical? –

“Should testers be technical?” This is a frequent question especially in the last decade, as the Agile approach has been adopted by more and more organizations, and people agree that tester have to do more than before.

6 Questions to Determine if a Candidate is Fit for the QA Job – Software Testing Help

Most of the times, such questions are enough to judge whether the person sitting in front of you, would be the right choice as a new addition to the team.