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Industry News


User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT), Budapest, Hungary, October 26-28 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

The international ETSI User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT) is a software testing conference dedicated to advanced test automation. Jointly organized by ETSI Technical Committee “Methods for Testing and Specification” (TC MTS) and QualityMinds, a software testing company, the conference introduces the latest innovations made in test automation.

Dutch Testing Day, Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 18 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

The Dutch Testing Day is a one-day conference focused on software testing that takes place in the Netherlands. This conference is a non-commercial event where scientists, lecturers and practitioners from the software testing industry meet and share ideas; for example about the latest trends in the research and technologies of software testing.

BlazeMeter Launches Selenium Load Testing – Software Development Tools

BlazeMeter has released new technology which enables users to execute Selenium scripts as load tests. Selenium users can run thousands of different nodes in the cloud for large scale load tests across multiple geographical locations. 

Oblique Testing – Software Testing Magazine

Oblique Testing is an original approach to perform some exploratory testing where the full project team is involved and not only the software testers. I will suggest to read this very short book to every software tester or project manager that wants to introduce a different perspective in its software testing activities.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Jubula – Software Testing Help

It is an Eclipse Project for automated functional GUI testing for many applications. It’s is helpful for writing automated tests from the user perspective with little or no coding skills, saving time and improving readability and test maintenance. 

Build A Mobile Friendly Website With Drupal – uTest

With the help of PSD to Drupal conversion, you will not only be able to make your website mobile friendly but will also be to add several different features & functionalities. The sites developed using Drupal can fit in any screen size and are browser friendly too. To keep pace with all the latest trends of web sphere, you need to look out for an experienced Drupal development service provider who will take the initiative to make your web-design highly responsive & mobile-friendly.

Testing Best Practices


10 things Testers should NOT do – uTest

The article is a call out to those of you who manage testers and my intent is to provide my view on how to do this more effectively. By passing along the ideas below that you feel match your work ideals and discussing them with your team, you can help your team get better and start discussions with the other responsible groups within your company to perhaps change the status to something better for everyone concerned.

How to Record iPhone and iPad Screen straight from your device – uTest

AirShou is an excellent iPhone screen recorder app.It is capable of recording your iPhone’s screen without the help of computer. All you have to do to get started with it is install it on your device and you are ready to capture your iPhone’s screen quickly.

What statistics can teach you about load testing – uTest

The issue is not limited to features or functionality but a necessary metric we rely heavily when working with large sets of numbers. After all, that is what load testing is. Without this data being presented, you will either misinterpret your test report or you'll ignore the flaws in your system which could have been easily detected.

Bad practices you should avoid - My Top 9 "Don't"s – uTest

The purpose of this article is to elaborate on each of these bad practices and hopefully help uTest users identify and avoid them as much as possible by offering tips for each case based on my own personal experience.