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Industry News


CopenhagenContext, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 21-22 2017 – Software Testing Magazine

CopenhagenContext is a two-day conference taking place in Copenhagen and focused on software testing, more precisely on Context-Driven Testing but the topics presented are not limited to this area of the software testing discipline.

Quality Software Australia 2017 Call for Speakers – Software Testing Magazine

The inaugural Quality Software Australia (QSA2017) conference will take place on May 10-12 2017 in Melbourne. You can participate as a presenter at this conference and you can choose between a verbal presentation or a workshop. 

Free Imagix 4D plug-in for Testwell CTC++ Customers – Professional Tester

Imagix 4D is a tool to understand, document and improve complex, third party or legacy source code in C, C++ and Java. Imagix 4D automates the analysis of control flow and dependencies. It detects problems in data usage and task interactions.

Testing Less Without Sacrificing Quality – Software Testing Magazine

Software testing is viewed as a key activity to verify the quality of code. To achieve this goal, they developed a cost based test selection strategy called THEO. This is a dynamic, self-adaptive test selection strategy that does not sacrifice software quality.

Shift Left: Testing in the Agile World – Software Testing Magazine

Performing testing in an Agile context require a completely different approach to software testing activities that is often named “Shift Left”. This term emphasize the move of software quality activities to the beginning of the software development life cycle.

Sauce Labs Acquires TestObject to Expand Real Device Mobile App Testing Platform – Software Development Tools

Sauce Labs announced its acquisition of TestObject, a real device mobile app testing platform. The combined solution positions Sauce Labs as the only vendor providing automated testing coverage across desktops, emulators, simulators, and real devices for web applications and mobile, web, hybrid and native apps.

Testing Best Practices


3 Worst Defect Reporting Habits and How to Break Them – Software Testing Help

Defects are serious business and small mistakes can be expensive. You know what to do when you find a defect. You report it; either in a Defect Tracker/Defect Management tool or in an Excel sheet. The underlying principles are the same for both methods.Defect Management tools don’t guarantee better reporting. It is good practices that save the day.

How do you decide for the software to go-live? – Software Testing Help

Software Go-Live is a major milestone for the customer as well as the Vendor as it is usually linked to payment milestones. Customers want their value for money and have an exit criterion for UAT to go-live with. The said exit criteria would more or less define the acceptable extent of problems in all areas of the application.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing Best Practices – Software Testing Magazine

Testing the graphical user interface (GUI) is one of the most important task of the functional testing phase, as its quality will often greatly influence the customer opinion of your application. In this article, Denis Markovtsev discusses the different types of GUI testing and presents the best practices to automate this activity.

How to Perform Software Product Testing  – Software Testing Help

Software Product Testing needs a custom test style and strategy to add value. Software Product development and sustenance is in itself a complex ecosystem and to thrive testers need to adapt.

How to Get More Interview Calls? – Software Testing Help

Knowing what is going on is the first step to fixing what’s wrong and turning things in your favor. Job hunting is hard and tedious, but by using this simple troubleshooting guide, you can diagnose the reason for the silence that follows your applications and get right back on track.