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Industry News



expoQA, Madrid, Spain, 9-11 June 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

expoQA is a three-day conference focused on software testing and quality assurance that will take place in Madrid, Spain. The first day will propose tutorials and presentations will be performed the two following days. Presentation will be in Spanish and English.

Progress Announces Telerik Platform for Mobile Application Development in the Enterprise Professional Tester

Progress announced the latest release of Telerik Platform, the cross-platform mobile application development solution for creating mobile web, native and hybrid apps quickly and easily. With the latest release, Telerik Platform includes key enterprise elements to better enable low code development options for both the developer and technical business user; enterprise mBaaS for simplified data integrations and synchronization; and a native development framework to provide complete development flexibility.

Perfecto Mobile Launches Industry’s First Global Benchmark for Mobile Testing Coverage – Professional Tester

Perfecto Mobile, the world’s leader in mobile app quality, today announced the release of its Mobile Test Coverage Index, the industry’s first data-driven benchmark to help organizations determine the appropriate mix of mobile devices, operating systems and form factors to test their apps and responsive websites and ensure optimal app quality for end users.

BlazeMeter Unveils New Test Automation for DevOps Features –

BlazeMeter has announced new Test Automation Platform for DevOps. These new capabilities such as KPI Trends, Organizations and Projects, On-Premise Load Generator and Single Sign-On address the performance testing needs of organizations that are aligned with the DevOps culture.

Applause Announces Test Automation Solution for Mobile, Wearable and Web Apps –

Applause has announced a major new addition to its suite of app quality tools and services -- Applause Test Automation. With this new offering, Applause customers can now fulfill their entire app testing portfolio with the app quality company -- from manual to automated testing for web, mobile and wearable apps.

Actifio Automates DevOps for Application Data –

Actifio has announced a series of new features and functional enhancements to better support the growing number of customers leveraging its virtual data pipeline technology in support of DevOps use cases. While infrastructure is increasingly seen as a commodity inside large enterprises, applications – where the technology touches the business – are becoming more strategic. Managing the flow of data that powers those applications presents a range of challenges at every stage of their lifecycle.

Belgium Testing Days 2015-The Slides –

I had a great time at Belgium Testing Days. And my "Secrets of Effective Unit Testing" won Best Tutorial! Here are the slides for the workshops I did. If youwant to make your own movie like we did at "The Empire Tests First", check out this page for all the resources.


Testing Best Practices



The QA Role - What Is It Really? –

On several occasions I’ve witnessed companies, who have decided to develop software using agile methodologies, view the QA role in teams as basically a waterfall tester who is involved with automated tests.

4 Strategies for Android UI Testing – Software Testing Magazine

The user interface (UI) is an important part of the functionality of Android mobile apps, so you should be able to perform extensive UI tests. Google’s Mona El Mahdy has published has published on the Google Software Testing blog a post that presents four strategies to test Android UI, aiming to create UI tests that are both fast, reliable and easy to debug.

Automation That Learns: Making Your Computer Work for You –

It's been suggested that because automation can only do checking, automation cannot learn. But if you're talking about the acquisition of knowledge through experience and study, Jeremy Carey-Dressler believes automation can, in fact, learn—with a tester adding some additional code to capture and analyze more available data.

How to Create and Execute Your First SoapUI Project Using WSDL – SoapUI Tutorial #4 – Software Testing Help

in this 4th tutorial of this SoapUI training series we will start with actual SoapUI usage on a test project.

Understanding Assertions in SoapUI – SoapUI Tutorial #5 – Software Testing Help

In this 5th SoapUI tutorial we will learn all about assertions in SoapUI. We strongly recommend you to follow the complete SoapUI training series on this page to learn all these core features.

My Rewarding Experience as a Reviewer and Contributor to “More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team” by Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin – The Testers Edge

For many years I have written articles for the Testing Community and shared them through Testing Circus and Tea-Time with Testers. One warm summer day in July 2013, I received a pleasant email from Lisa Crispin asking if I would like to be one of the reviewers and contributors to their upcoming book that would compliment their existing book “Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams”.

Why DevOps Changes Everything: An Interview with Jeff Payne –

In this interview, Coveros CEO and founder Jeff Payne explains why DevOps is changing everything. He talks about how DevOps has to be incorporated as a complete culture change, as well as the differences between good and bad DevOps implementation.