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Nordic Testing Days, Tallinn, Estonia, June 1-3 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

The Nordic Testing Days is a three-day conference focused on software testing that target as an audience the professional software testers from the Northern European countries. The first day proposes tutorials and the two other days are full of short talks and workshops. The conference has all the important topics of testing and a wide cast of presenters.

Agile Delivery, London, UK, June 2 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

Agile Delivery is a one-day event taking place in London. It targets tech and business people that focus on software development and software testing automation, Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) and DevOps for retail, finance, government and digital sectors. The conference provides both presentations and workshops.

expoQA, Madrid, Spain, 7-9 June 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

expoQA is a three-day conference focused on software testing and quality assurance that will take place in Madrid, Spain. The first day will propose tutorials and presentations will be performed the two following days. Presentation will be in Spanish and English.

RethinkDB Creates Horizon Software Development Platform – Software Development Tools

RethinkDB is announcing that it has created Horizon, a brand new JavaScript application platform, specifically designed for agile teams or enterprises building and running real-time web, mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. 

Regression Testing with Diffy – Software Testing Magazine

Diffy is an open source tool developed by Twitter to find potential bugs in software services. Unlike tools that ensure that your code is sound, like unit or integration tests, Diffy compares the behavior of your modified service by standing up instances of your new service and your old service side by side, routing example requests to each, comparing the responses and provides back any regressions that have surfaced from those comparisons.

Testing Best Practices


Mobile Testing Course Videos – uTest

Full Set of Mobile Testing Video Course. This is For Students, For People want to learn some new skills, for people already working in Testing Field, People who look for some new crash course and find a job using that.

10 Skills to Be A Great Tester: How A Tester Can Be A Great Tester – Software Testing Help

There is always room for improvement and making things better. If starting as a QA fresher and spending a few years in the field have not changed you from tester to a Good/Great tester.

Reviewing Assumptions for Software QA Process Changes – Software Testing Magazine

Even the best planned software quality assurance (QA) process can meet issues when implemented and needs to be changed. In this article, Richard Ellison proposes a process to review your assumptions and improve the implementation of your software testing activities.

10 Mobile App Testing Mistakes to Avoid – uTest

This article will cover 10 common mobile app testing mistakes to avoid when you are a software tester working in a mobile app testing and development environment. The 10 points may help you to start your mobile testing activities if you are new to mobile testing or they may help you to recap your existing mobile testing approaches.

The Apocalypse Plan: What to Consider before Things Go Wrong – Software Testing Help

Undoubtedly, your organization has disaster plans in place for recoverable situations. But what about for going out of business? Thinking about your obligations to clients, users, customers, and partners before the worst happens can make the transition easier for everyone. Here are some people and things you should incorporate into your apocalypse plan.