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Industry News



Nordic Test Forum, Oslo, Norway, November 24–25 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

The Nordic Test Forum conference is a two-day event for software testing professionals in the Nordic area and Baltic states. Its main focus is on issues relevant to production managers, engineers and technicians working in the fields of production, test, inspection and validation of electronics.

Zephyr Offers Support for Atlassian JIRA 7 – Software Testing Magazine

Zephyr has announced the support for Atlassian products with several product announcements which include the support of the newly released 7.0 versions of JIRA Software, JIRA Core and JIRA Service Desk as well as Add-ons for Bamboo and HipChat integrations.

Enterprise Tester Version 6.0 Available – Software Testing Magazine

Catch software has released the version 6.0 of its Enterprise Tester tool. Enterprise Tester is a quality and test management platform that provides complete coverage and traceability, powerful reporting for management, simplified functions and re-use operations for testers.

Xamarin 4 Provides Improved Testing Tools –

Xamarin has announced the availability of Xamarin 4, an integrated, end-to-end solution to build, test, and monitor mobile apps at scale through the Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Test Cloud, and Xamarin Insights.Xamarin Test Cloud: Automated mobile app testing that ensures apps look, perform, and behave well on thousands of devices, and ensures fast release cycles for mobile teams.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Brings Testing Tools to Docker –

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has introduced a comprehensive lineup of new solutions built for the Docker ecosystem. Docker technology has been rapidly adopted by developers, DevOps and IT operations professionals as it provides a new way to support agile development practices. To support this new approach, organizations require a hybrid infrastructure that allows them to quickly and cost-effectively drive the continuous delivery of new applications and services.


Testing Best Practices



Exploratory Testing Chrome Extension – Software Testing Magazine

The Exploratory Testing Chrome Extension is a free and open source extension for the Chrome browser that is designed to make exploratory testing of web sites easier. This extension will allow you to take notes during your exploratory testing sessions with a nice set of additional features.

Getting Started with Incident Tracking and Management in Software Testing – Software Testing Help

As this article shows incident management is not very different from bug tracking, so this will be a wonderful recap of the process with some ISO standard and practical real life templates attached.

A 6-Step Guide To Handle Client Calls Effectively as a QA Team Member – Software Testing Help

The last thing that we do on any day in most projects and companies is making it through the client calls.Client calls are an integral and important part of how work gets coordinated and communication channels are kept open in IT teams.

Verification vs Validation – What’s the Difference and Why It is Important to Understand It – Software Testing Help

It’s back to the basics folks! A classic at that – Verification Vs. Validation.When I try to deal with this concept in my class, there is a lot of confusion around it. A simple, petty example seems to solve all the confusion. It is somewhat silly, but really works.

To Move Forward in Your Test Planning, Try Going Backward –

A different perspective can give you a whole new approach to work. Here, László Szegedi suggests that the next time you need to plan something, you think backward—visualize your goal, then reverse-plan to map the whole process that leads to that result. He gives examples for simple tasks and for higher-level test planning.

The Collaboration of Unit Testing –

Unit testing can be one of those polarizing topics in software development. But Joe DeMeyer says good unit testing allows you to explore products deeper, lowers your estimate, improves quality, and maintains productivity pace. Here, he talks about how you can get your developers and business team on board.

The Internet of Things and Its Impact on Testing: An Interview with Shailesh Mangal –

In this interview, Shailesh Mangal, the CTO of Zephyr, discusses the Internet of Things and how it changes the way we think about the devices we use. He also explains what sensory monitoring and smart devices are, and details how IoT devices have changed testing.

Early Performance Testing – Software Testing Magazine

Software development and deployment contexts have changed considerably over the last decade with Agile approaches. Performance testing has had difficulty keeping up with modern testing principles and software development and continuous deployment processes.