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Industry News


Software Test Professionals Conference Spring, San Francisco USA, April 4-7 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

The Software Test Professionals Conference is a software testing event that will give you the opportunity to improve your software testing technique; find the latest tools; discover emerging trends; develop new or improve existing processes; network and gather with other high-level professionals.

Journée Française des Tests Logiciels, Paris, April 12 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

The Journée Française des Tests Logiciels (French Software Testing Day) is a one-day conference focused on software testing. It brings together more than 700 French software testers. All the presentations and keynotes are in French.

58 Best Mobile Testing Tools You Can’t Live Without – Software Testing Help

Are you looking for ways to take your mobile testing strategy to the next level? There are countless methods for doing this but you have limited time and money. There is always room for improvement even if you consider yourself an expert in mobile app testing. You need to know which strategies to implement and most importantly which tools to use.

LDRA Tool Suite Version 10 Released – Software Testing Magazine

LDRA has delivered Version 10 of the LDRA tool suite which includes proven software security functionality. Developed to address real-world concerns such as the hacking and takeover of system controls in automobiles, medical devices, unmanned aircraft, Version 10 of the LDRA tool suite adds a new set of static and dynamic analysis capabilities that detect, analyse and help eliminate software vulnerabilities in security-critical embedded applications.

Sencha Releases Sencha Test – Software Testing Magazine

Sencha has announced the general availability of Sencha Test, a new product designed to empower developers and test automation engineers with easy-to-use unit and functional testing features. Sencha Test works seamlessly with the market leading Ext JS framework to perform tests quickly, and execute them on multiple browsers simultaneously which helps improve product quality and developer efficiency.

Rapise 4.0 Released - Integration with Selenium, Support for Safari, Opera – Software Development Tools

Inflectra has announced the release of Rapise 4.0, the latest version of our powerful automated testing system. The latest version of Rapise includes full integration with Selenium WebDriver, the ability to playback tests through all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera), and support for enhanced mobile device testing on Android and iOS devices.

Pacific NW Software Quality Conference Call for Speakers – Software Testing Magazine

The  Pacific NW Software Quality Conference (PNSQC) wants you to come and share your knowledge and experience on October 17-19, 2016, in Portland, Oregon. We want to hear about your journey growing quality software — share your testing techniques, automation awareness, preferred processes, souped up security measures, performance passions and more! You have until April 10th to submit a 1-2 paragraph description of what you’d like to present on in October at PNSQC.

Testing Best Practices


A bug on live environment. Who is to blame?  – uTest

Probably every tester would have missed a bug while testing an application. But whenever a bug is found on live environment, the game of pointing fingers begin. Usually, software testers and developers are at the receiving end of such blames. The project manager and the management team begins to ask: “How come you missed that bug?” or “Who tested this?”. This article shows you how to at least reduce this occurrence as a tester.

12 Qualities of a Good Agile Leader – Testing Excellence

Agile development methodology has been around for a number of years now and has become the norm for many tech companies. But why is it that some organisations really succeed in Agile, while others struggle? Even worse is when some teams think they are Agile because they practice agile concepts like daily stand-ups and retrospectives, but in reality are far from being Agile.

Take Control of your Test Environment – Software Testing Magazine

Most of us have had to deal with red builds blocking our testing or have been told to test on flaky environments where half the issues you find would ‘never happen in production’. As a tester, I used to think this wasn’t my problem. What happens though when a thinking tester decides this is her problem and wants to be part of the solution?