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Industry News


VoltDB 7.0 Released – Software Development Tools

VoltDB, the enterprise-class database that powers business-critical applications in today’s connected economy, has unveiled the latest version of its flagship solution, VoltDB v7.0. A broad range of Industries, including telecommunications, mobile gaming, advertising, casinos and financial services—any company that needs to ingest, analyze and act on data in the moment—rely on VoltDB to power faster, more intelligent applications to make the right decisions, when time matters.

Parasoft Releases Service Virtualization Community Edition – Software Testing Magazine

Parasoft has announced the worldwide release of Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition. Parasoft’s new Virtualize Community Edition enables software developers and testers to quickly access a comprehensive system test environment on-demand by simulating the behavior of dependent business and IoT applications that are still-evolving or unavailable. The new Community Edition expands the offering to allow individuals, small teams, or enterprises to evaluate service virtualization without cost.

New Release of Percona Server for MongoDB – Software Development Tools

Percona, the company that delivers enterprise-class MySQL® and MongoDB® solutions and services, today announced a solution bundle of updated products that enable any organization to create a robust, secure database environment that can be adapted to changing business requirements. Percona Server for MongoDB 3.4, Percona Monitoring and Management 1.1, and Percona Toolkit 3.0 offer more features and benefits, with enhancements for both MongoDB® and MySQL® database environments. 

Perfecto Introduces Tools for Faster Debugging – Software Testing Magazine

Perfecto has introduced new tools designed for developers and development teams that accelerate the web and mobile app development process through faster debugging and troubleshooting. Powered by Perfecto’s on-demand, cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab, the new tools provide fast feedback to mobile and web developers and development teams. The tools allow developers to obtain real-world feedback early in their development process, identify and fix platform-specific bugs, and streamline continuous integration (CI) within their DevOps delivery pipeline.

Watai - Integration Testing for Web Applications and Components – Software Development Tools

Watai (Web Application Testing Automation Infrastructure) is an open-source, declarative full-stack web testing framework. It is both a test runner engine and a set of architectural patterns that help front-end ops-conscious developers create maintainable and solid end-to-end tests. These tests are written as text files that simply describe the components of the application and how the user is expected to interact with them.

Testing Best Practices


How to Run Selenium WebDriver in Different Popular Browsers Software Testing Help

Selenium supports only web-based applications and to open them we need a browser. Selenium can support various browser for test automation. In current industry, there are only three popular browsers which are widely used i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, Selenium supports other browsers as well.

How Will Appium Support iOS 10? – Blog Test Project

Appium‘s greatness lies in the abstraction of a platform’s native system frameworks by using webdriver via a platform and language-neutral protocol to operate mobile and hybrid applications. In a nutshell, it allows developers to create universal tests for multiple purposes and various versions.

Leverage Containers to Create Simulated Test Environments on Demand Sticky Minds

Adopting service virtualization can allow organizations to achieve more effective software development and testing by removing traditional test environment bottlenecks. Integrating service virtualization within the continuous delivery pipeline using containerization helps teams reach the level of flexibility required by today's competitive markets.

8 Open Source Test Automation Tools for Desktop Applications – Blog Test Project

Deciding on the right testing tool for a desktop app, might be a difficult task. These are the-Pros and Cons of 8 different open source test automation tools for desktop applications.