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Selenium Integrated in Tosca Testsuite – Software Testing Magazine

Tricentis has announced the integration of Tosca Testsuite with Selenium 1 & 2 (Webdriver). Now software testing teams can reuse Selenium tests by integrating them into Tosca for end-to-end testing. Selenium is an open source web automation tool that has continued to gain significant developer and tester adoption.

Vector Software Announces Advanced Integration with Lauterbach’s TRACE32® powerful suite of development Professional Tester

Vector Software announced today an advanced integration with the Lauterbach TRACE32 product. The leading Test Automation Platform, VectorCAST, now enables development, test, and certification teams, to set and continuously collect, practically unlimited volumes of test data from RAM constrained embedded systems.


Testing Best Practices



How to Become a Better Performance Tester 101 –

Modern systems are complex, and performance requirements for each are unique. As a result, the approach for testing might be vastly different from one system to another. Here, Jun Zhuang talks about how to start your performance testing career, smart approaches to time management, and the necessity to have a broad knowledge beyond the testing tool.

7 Important Features of SoapUI and SoapUI Pro – Tutorial 2 – Software Testing Help

SoapUI is a great tool for functional testing, web services testing, security testing and load testing. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss the important features of SoapUI and SoapUI Pro.

Step by Step SoapUI Download and Installation Process – SoapUI Tutorial #3 – Software Testing Help

In this tutorial we will learn installing SoapUI and SoapUI Pro with a trial key. Also we will see the major differences between SoapUI and SoapUI Pro and their plugins/add-ons in the basic level.

How to Attract and Retain Skilled Software Testers: An Interview with Judy McKay –

In this interview, ASTQB President Judy McKay explains how you can not only attract a skilled tester, but also keep one. She talks about the traits that make a tester good, as well as different methods for retaining a skilled tester once you have him or her on the team. 

Testable Java EE Development – Software Testing Magazine

This presentation pulls a variety of examples in testable development from the speaker book “Continuous Enterprise Development in Java” published by O’Reilly. It includes a review of the sections on RESTful services, UI verification, transactions and security.

Is Groovy Better for Testing than Java? – Software Testing Magazine

Groovy has a lot of advantages as a testing language, and with Spock’s mocking, stubbing, and data driven testing features, it might seem as if this is the perfect way to write tests. This session covers some of the features that make Spock (and Groovy) compelling for writing tests.