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Let’s Test Stockholm, Sweden, May 23-25 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

Let’s Test Stockholm is a three-day conference on software testing that take place in Sweden. The Let’s Test conference is organized by software testers for software testers with tutorials, sessions and workshops. Fiona Charles and Rob Sabourin will provide the keynotes.

ANZTB Test, Melbourne, Australia, May 27 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

ANZTB Test Advancing Testing Expertise Conference is a single day software testing event that takes place every year in Australia or New Zealand. It features international and local software testing experts sharing their experience and thoughts on current software testing topics.

Neotys Announces NeoLoad 5.2 – Neotys

Neotys today announced NeoLoad 5.2, an enhanced version of its load and performance testing solution.The 5.2 release, now available in Beta is all about making NeoLoad users faster. NeoLoad 5.2 is also the first load testing solution to support HTTP/2 applications. An extensive list of other enhancements, including new integrations and technologies support, make this release of NeoLoad particularly exciting for both new and existing users.

New Version of QAComplete Released – Software Testing Magazine

SmartBear Software has announced a new version of QAComplete, the most flexible software testing management tool for managing requirements, tests and defects in one place. With this release, SmartBear changed QAComplete’s user experience to support Agile testing practices.

Introducing TestLeft – SmartBear

SmartBear TestLeft is an automated UI test framework for creating and running functional tests for Windows desktop and Web applications. TestLeft is built on the TestComplete engine and it supports a vast majority of desktop and web applications and technologies supported by TestComplete. It helps you create automated functional and UI tests for .NET, WPF, Windows “native”, Java, Delphi and other desktop applications and for web applications running in modern web browsers like Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Testing Best Practices


Testing in the Cloud – Qualitest

Modern testers and quality assurance managers are facing modern day problems – several testing teams locally or in different offices, unreliable testing infrastructure, many potential testing devices and the agile development process that requires continuous testing. This is just a tip of an iceberg and we could list the pain points, but it’s always better to find a solution to a problem and we’ve found one. Testing in the cloud not only solves all of these problems but also allows to build an effective app testing platform to prevent further issues.

The importance of Performance Testing – uTest

Performance testing is a generic term that can refer to many different types of performance-related testing, each of which addresses a specific problem area and provides its own benefits, risks, and challenges.

7 Types of Software Errors That Every Tester Should Know – Software Testing Help

Software bugs are of many types. A bug is a bug no matter what. But sometimes, it is important to understand the nature, its implications and the cause to process it better. This helps for faster reaction and most importantly, appropriate reaction.

5 Reasons Why Test Automation Can Fail – ThoughtWorks

There is a good chance that your investment in test automation has not delivered its value. There are many factors that can stop the organization from reaping its benefits. In this article, I'll be writing about some of these that I have encountered on various projects.

8 Best Software Testing Certifications Based on Your Experience Level – Software Testing Help

Certification is very much important if we want to have a holistic growth in our professional life.Certification not only adds to your profile but also acts as a catalyst to boost your knowledge and changes your way to think “the other way”. When implemented correctly, helps to organize better and helps to think strategically and have long term vision.

Common Mistakes in Localization Cycles – uTest

Find out what are common mistakes of reporting localization bugs in this article in order to avoid them.