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Industry News



TestBash, Brighton, March 27 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

TestBash is a one-day conference focused on software testing organized by the Ministry of Testing. More than software testers will attend this UK software testing conference.

Cigniti Partners with ZAPTEST – Software Testing Magazine

Cigniti, a software testing services company, has announced a partnership with ZAPTEST, a provider of cross-client / cross-platform test automation tools. With this partnership, Cigniti is further equipped to offer the most innovative and cost-effective mobile and cross-environment test automation services to its valued customers.

Borland Updates Silk Portfolio Professional Tester

Borland announced updates to the Borland Silk Portfolio – extending its comprehensive set of quality and performance testing tools for desktop, web, cloud and mobile to include network and collaborative testing. The latest version will help enable customers to gain a truer understanding of what global end users are experiencing.

Software Testing in the Cloud using Rapise Cloud Edition –

With the new release of Rapise cloud edition you can start testing immediately, no hardware or test lab needed, just sign up for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and rent our Rapise cloud AMIs on-demand, with no minimum usage and no annoying monthly or annual fees, just pay for what you use.

A New Test Plan Management Tool: Overlook –

Crowdsourced Testing has just announced the launch of Overlook, a testing tool designed to simplify the test plan management process. This new product reinforces Crowdsourced Testing’s presence throughout the entire software testing process, as it provides answers to one of the most difficult tasks in the software testing process: creating, executing, and tracking the progress of test plans.


Testing Best Practices



When to Automate and Why –

Let me share my story of how I identified and automated some of the tasks, that are otherwise taken for granted, and thereby reduced my manual and potentially error-prone activities, and thus raise the bar.The project I was working on was a rich content marketing website which demanded a complex interactive data with high availability. 

Why Would You Want To Automate a Test? – Testing Excellence

During the sprint when team members are under pressure to deliver the stories in a limited time frame, there is usually not enough time to test all the planned scenarios, let alone writing automated test scripts to test the new functionality. We can get bogged down with the details of the work, coding, reviewing, executing and forget about the main reason why we actually automate a test!

Q: Are we not testers? A: We are QA! – Testing Excellence

With the advances being made in technology project management and delivery, and the ongoing adoption of Agile development methodologies, the role of true QA professionals has never been more important. But as the playing field of technology is shifting, it is apparent that QA and Testing are very different games, and that the distinction between the two really should be a lot clearer.

Mobile's Impact on Development and Testing: An Interview with James Montemagno –

In this interview, James Montemagno talks about mobile's impact on development and testing. He points out some interesting facts and figures about the growth of mobile devices, as well as our current situation when it comes to the evolution of Internet of Things devices.

A Tester among Developers: Life beyond the Code –

Tester Anastasia Kotsevich got the chance to work side by side with her company’s coders. This experience opened her eyes to some problems she wasn’t aware of before, and some solutions: designating a common team goal and opening clear lines of communication.

Page Objects Done Right – Software Testing Magazine

This talk walks the audience step by step at building tests using the Page Object Design Pattern, making several attempts until we reach the current recommendation. We’ll see the dos, don’ts and common pitfalls. This presentation also covers the Page-Factory Design Pattern, and best practices for dealing with asynchronously and how to remove the deadly “random sleeps”.