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Industry News


Software Test Solutions at Embedded World – Professional Tester

Verifysoft will exhibit from 23 to 25 February at Embedded World in Nuremberg (Germany). The Embedded World is with over 22,000 visiters the leading exhibition for embedded hard- and software. You will find us in hall 4 at stand 328. We will inform you about Code Coverage, Complexity Analysis, Unit Tests, Test Management, Automatic Test Generation and Static Analysis.

Open Source Database Testing Tools – Software Testing Magazine

Database testing is one of the areas that might have the smaller number of open source tools. The programming languages have many xUnit tools and mocking frameworks, but this is not the case for databases. This article provides a list of open source tools that can be used to perform unit, load and security testing on several relational and NoSQL databases.

Vector Software Annual Software Testing Technology Report – Professional Tester

New research sponsored by Vector Software reveals that as the world around us increasingly becomes more dependent on products whose functionality is controlled by software -- and the demand for improved product quality and regulations become more stringent than ever -- software testing is an industry in the midst of incredible transition. The Vector Software Annual Software Testing Technology Report was designed to capture the thoughts of industry leaders across the embedded software testing industry to discern.

Test Case Writing Next Steps – uTest

An opportunity for testers interested in writing test cases for uTest. Additionally, quality examples of test cases for your references.

Free Web Load Testing Services – Software Testing Magazine

The software development trend that shifts the target platform from the desktop to web, cloud and mobile applications has fostered the development of load testing services on the web. It is an obvious option to use web-based load testing tools for applications that can be accessed by web users. This article presents the free offers from commercial web load testing services providers.

Testing Best Practices


4 Strategies for Android UI Testing – Software Testing Magazine

The user interface (UI) is an important part of the functionality of Android mobile apps, so you should be able to perform extensive UI tests. Google’s Mona El Mahdy has published has published on the Google Software Testing blog a post that presents four strategies to test Android UI, aiming to create UI tests that are both fast, reliable and easy to debug.

Reporting High-Value Bugs – Part 1 – uTest

The quality of bugs have a much higher impact on your tester rating than the quantity of bugs. If you are interested in your rating at all, this is the most important factor. One high-value bug, bugs that customer approves as Very or Exceptionally valuable, will easily offset a few rejections. In Part 1 of this series, we are going to discuss Why testers should strive to report high-value bugs. In Part 2 we’ll talk about How.

Planning Agile Tests With Models – Software Testing Magazine

As agile development becomes increasingly mainstream, there are established techniques that experienced practitioners use to help plan testing activities in agile projects, although less experienced teams sometimes misunderstand or misuse these useful approaches. Also, the advances in test tools and frameworks have somewhat altered the original models that applied back in the early 2000s. Models help us view testing from different perspectives

What QA Tester Should Know About Release and Deployment Management Process – Software Testing Help

Find out the overall release and deployment management process from this article: the importance of tester’s awareness of release and deployment process, environments differences, build vs. deployment, planned vs. emergency deployment, and QA checklist Before and After Deployment.

How to Classify Positive and Negative Test Scenarios – Software Testing Help

When writing test scenarios, we classify them into positive and negative conditions. It is an attempt to establish adequate coverage and helps to establish that we are testing both the happy and alternate paths the system is supposed to handle.