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Industry News


LoadFocus Google Chrome Extension Released – Software Testing Magazine

LoadFocus has announced the release of its Google Chrome extension as the newest addition to their load testing platform for developers. LoadFocus’s Chrome extension allows users to run load tests directly from their browser without the need for any additional software. Load tests results are displayed inside the extension, with the ability to view complete results and charts with a single click.

The Beginner’s Guide to Web Application Performance Testing using WAPT Pro – Software Testing Help

WAPT is a load and stress testing tool that lets you easily analyze the performance of your web site. It can be a mobile application, a web service or a customized ERP system. Web solutions of all sizes and technologies can be tested with WAPT just fine. WAPT Pro 4.0 is the latest update of the popular web load testing tool developed by SoftLogice Inc.

$5 Million Financing for QASymphony – Software Testing Magazine

QASymphony has raised $5 million in Series B funding to accelerate its software testing business. Lead investor Fulcrum Equity Partners was joined in the new round by existing QASymphony investor, BIP Capital. QASymphony has now raised $7.5 million in venture financing since January 2015. As part of the Series B, QAS has an option to take on an additional $3 million in capital if needed.

8 Best Software Testing Books QC Engineer / Tester Must read – uTest

This article introduced 8 Software Testing Books which are useful for your QC Career. These books provided information of all areas of testing such as test plans, test cases, manual and automation testing, etc.

LoadComplete 4.0 Released – Software Testing Magazine

SmartBear Software has announced LoadComplete 4.0, the new and improved version of its performance and load testing tool for Web and mobile assets. LoadComplete 4.0 is packed with new features that allow performance testers and QA professionals to create comprehensive tests without scripting. SmartBear has enhanced dynamic data correlation and added visual programming, making it easier than ever to create and execute load tests.

Testing Best Practices


Video Capturing for iOS with QuickTime Player – uTest

A bug/ issue/ error happened while testing on iOS devices; And you didn’t know how to record video of the bug? Check this article for the solution.

3 Strategies for Dealing with a Blocker Defect – Software Testing Help

Blocker defects add tons of drama to otherwise regular test days. In this article, author covered some steps a tester can take when dealing with them.

How to improve your mobile testing skills – uTest

In the last couple of months I was asked by several people how I improve my mobile testing skills. The mobile world is changing quite fast and you have to keep the pace, if you want to be a good and up to date mobile tester.

How important it is to document the frequently encountered errors – Software Testing Help

Do you believe that software errors occur only once and that on being fixed they never resurface? I feel that about 30% of the errors reoccur. You will find some common areas whhere issues are seen and a template to document them from this article.

Reading logs with ADB: the most useful commands – uTest

Testing Android applications often comes together with necessity to read logs, especially when unexpected crashes occur. Of course if you work with IDE, have some third-party tools for reading logs opened, then you will be able to read and analyze logs quickly. What if you don’t have IDE installed or third-party tools opened?