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I T.A.K.E Unconference 2016 – Call for Speakers – Software Testing Magazine

The 4th edition of I T.A.K.E Unconference, the only technology agnostic event in Central and Eastern Europe, will take place in the heart of Bucharest, Romania, 19-20 May 2016. The Call for Speakers is now open and software craftsmen are invited to submit proposals by December 22.

TestPlant eggPlant to Enhance Sogeti Studio – Software Testing Magazine

TestPlant, the maker of the eggPlant range of software quality tools, has announced a strategic partnership with software testing services firm Sogeti UK (Sogeti) to deliver software quality solutions for digital enterprises. The partnership allows Sogeti customers to benefit from the eggPlant range of test automation tools which work on mobile, desktop and Internet of Things devices and in agile, DevOps and traditional development environments.

eureQa Testing Platform Raises $600,000 – Software Testing Magazine

eureQa, a test automation software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup, has announced that it has raised a seed round of $600,000 in funding from Gabriel Investments, a Philadelphia based venture fund. As a part of the funding, Sashi Reddi, investment partner at Gabriel, will join eureQa’s board.

World’s most desirable test automation skills! – Test Project

In order to answer the question – “What are the most desirable test automation skills in the upcoming year of 2016?”, our research team took over the top job searching websites around the globe looking for the most popular and required technologies in the test automation field.

The future of Software Testing – uTest

In the future, I assume there will be a software application that does the testing automatically. No human being is involved. Once the developer develops the application then software takes over and does the testing. It will configure what test cases are needed and does all the testing by itself.


Testing Best Practices



How to Cultivate Agile In Your Organization – Issues and the Practical Solutions – Software Testing Help

In this article, I shall list down some necessary ingredients to take with you on this voyage, the milestones and the guidelines to help you keep advancing safely in a right direction.

Concluding Thoughts about Agile Implementation in Your Organization – Software Testing Help

This is the concluding part of our in-depth Agile implantation series. Those who are in process to switch to Agile, this series is a set of some very practical tips learned from the own experience of the author while implementing Agile by overcoming all the obstacles in the way.

Planning Agile Tests With Models – Software Testing Magazine

Performing software testing in an Agile project doesn’t mean that it should be improvised. In this article from their book “More Agile Testing”, Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin looks at some foundations of Agile test planning using the Agile testing quadrants.

How to Write/Triage a Bug – uTest

As testers and TTLs we need to make sure we are providing our clients well written results. Many of our customers do not have a QA department so we need to be perfect! Here is some guidelines to writing, or what to look for when triaging, a bug.

7 Performance Testing Fallacies Undermining Your Test Strategy –

When you do the same thing many times, you can start to make false assumptions about your work process—and testing is no exception. Sofía Palamarchuk discusses some common fallacies about performance tests specifically, and how they can end up costing testers and developers significantly more than they should.

ROI Robbers in Test Automation: STARWEST 2015 Interview with Greg Paskal –

In this interview, TechWell speaks with Greg Paskal, a technology innovator in quality assurance. At STARWEST, he had a presentation titled "ROI Robbers in Test Automation."

Full Stack Software Testing with Docker – Software Testing Magazine

One of the problems we face in automated system testing is how to setup and manage the life cycle of the included applications. Traditional virtualisation technologies can provide solutions to these problems, but at the price of heavy resources requirements and unacceptably long startup times. Docker on the other hand, with lower resource requirements and shorter application startup times, has seen a lot of interest lately for looking like a better fit for automated system testing.