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Quality Excites, Gliwice, Poland, June 25 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

Quality Excites (QE) is a free one-day conference on software testing and software quality that take place in Gliwice, Poland. It provides lectures and workshops for professional software testers who want to learn about the newest technologies and the best practices. All the talks are in Polish.

MuleSoft Launches Anypoint Platform – Software Development Tools

MuleSoft announced the next major release of Anypoint Platform. This release introduces a whole new way companies connect, share and manage data and applications with application networks. An application network is built using APIs to connect applications, data and devices, making them pluggable and reusable. With a modern approach to the API development lifecycle and a blueprint for building organization-wide reuse, this new release allows customers to put API-led connectivity at the center of their digital transformation strategies. 

SpiraTest 5.0 Released – Software Testing Magazine

SpiraTest is a solution for managing your testing team that manages both manual and automated testing. The new version features a completely redesigned interface that allows the whole application to be used seamlessly on all mobile and desktop devices, a new test execution wizard as well as support for test case/release workflows and digital signatures.

Black Duck Releases Free Version of Hub Open Source Security Solution – Software Development Tools

Black Duck released Security Checker, a free, drag-and-drop tool for users to identify known open source security vulnerabilities in their code. Based on Black Duck’s flagship Hub open source security solution, Security Checker scans the code contained in an uploaded archive file (e.g. .tar, .jar, .zip) or Docker image and provides a report showing the identified open source and related known security vulnerabilities.

Problems Acceptance Testing Can Cause – Software Testing Magazine

There is nothing worse than building right the wrong software. Acceptant testing is the activity that allows the customer to validate that the delivered software meets their needs and specifications. If acceptance testing play an important role in validating software delivery, it can also cause some issues as Toby Weston explains it in his book “Essential Acceptance Testing”.

Testing Best Practices


How to Test Big Data Systems – Qualitest

Big Data is perceived as a huge amount of data and information but it is a lot more than this. Big Data may be said to be a whole set of approach, tools and methods of processing large volumes of unstructured as well as structured data. The three parameters on which Big Data is defined such assVolume, Variety and Velocity describes how you have to process an enormous amount of data in different formats at different rates.

ISTQB Certification Know How and Tips – uTest

If you are currently into some other profession and trying to migrate to Testing profession, then you could benefit from this ISTQB Foundation certificate. All the beginners, intermediate testers can definitely benefit from this certification as we would learn many testing related terminologies from it.

How Data Driven Testing Works  – Software Testing Help

Data Driven Testing helps automated tests to run rapidly over an application with different input data and also provides large coverage to ensure the performance of an application. Data Driven Testing also enhances business intelligence by reducing risks, increasing ease of accessing and sharing information with real-time analysis.

7 Mobile Test Automation Best Practices – uTest

Developing a mobile test automation scenario isn’t that complicated. Developers and testers use a variety of commercial test automation frameworks or open source tools such as Selenium and Appium to do automation. However, when trying to execute these tests on real devices or integrate them into an Agile or CI (continuous integration) workflow, things get a little complicated.

How to Perform Manual Performance Testing? – Software Testing Help

Performance testing is considered one of the most technical and complex types of software testing. It requires extensive technical knowledge. Automated test scripts bring in a tremendous value to the testing effort. But we should not stop exploring new ways to be combined with performance testing. Manual testing can play a helping part.