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Industry News


ICU tech GmbH Selects VectorCAST to Shorten IEC 62304 Compliance – Professional Tester

Providence, RI – 2/7/2017 - Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for robust embedded software quality, announced today that VectorCAST has been selected by ICU tech to support IEC 62304 compliance and to automate testing activities across the company’s software development lifecycle.

Redis Labs Releases Redis Enterprise – Software Development Tools

Redis Labs, the home of Redis, introduced Redis(e), or Redis Enterprise. Redis(e) is the technology that underpins Redis Labs' entire platform, products and services portfolio and simplifies how enterprises deploy Redis in any environment. With Redis(e), enterprises gain a significantly enhanced deployment architecture that delivers effortless scaling, always-on availability and significant cost reduction, all within one unified platform.

Dynatrace Creates Partnership with Electric Cloud  Software Testing Magazine

Electric Cloud and Dynatrace have announced a partnership enabling organizations to uncover end user, performance and operational cost impacting issues in cloud environments and enterprise software much earlier in the delivery pipeline. The new bi-directional integration enables closed feedback loop between DevOps and Release pipelines and environments in ElectricFlow and Dynatrace.

Progress Open Sources UI Library for Windows – Software Development Tools

Progress has announced that it has open sourced Progress Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform (UWP), a set of native UI controls for building Windows apps, and is in the process of donating to the .NET Foundation in an effort to help foster the open development of the .NET ecosystem. Progress Telerik UI for UWP is popular within the 2.1 million strong Progress developer community, and has been open sourced as a means to ensure continued collaborative innovation and advancement amongst the .NET development community. 

Kobiton Expands Beta for Mobile Device Testing Cloud Platform – Software Testing Magazine

Kobiton has announced an expansion of its initial beta offering. The mobile device cloud platform empowers mobile developers to build high performing applications faster, offering remote access to a robust lab of real iOS and Android devices to perform manual or automated testing.

Jenkins Pipeline Makes it Easier to Manage Software Delivery Pipelines  Software Development Tools

The Jenkins project, comprised of a community of practitioners using Jenkins, announced a new, simpler way to automate continuous delivery pipelines. Jenkins Pipeline announces both declarative syntax and an initial version of a graphical Pipeline editor, making it significantly easier for DevOps teams - and especially non-programmers - to create and maintain continuous delivery (CD) pipelines. CloudBees, Inc., the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps, collaborated with the Jenkins community to develop the Pipeline Model Definition plugin that provides this new functionality.

Testing Best Practices


4 Helpful Principles When Starting with Automated Regression Testing Blog Test Project

Amir Ghahrai shows some guidelines that can be used for an existing and already established website, in order to find the key scenarios and a method of expanding on these to create a functional regression pack.

Software Testing and Liberal Arts: Rediscover the Tools of Learning – Sticky Minds

While having a computer science degree will surely help with a career in programming or testing, a background in liberal arts may end up helping you more than you know, too. The liberal arts teach logic, rhetoric, and how to see the big picture, comes in handy when you're trying to make connections in complex systems. A well-rounded education helps anyone, but particularly testers.

IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) Integration with Rational Functional Tester (RFT)  Software Testing Help

IBM Rational Quality Manager is the Test Management solution that is a part of the IBM Rational CLM. It offers the capability to create Test Plans, Test Cases, and Test Scripts.

It offers manual execution of the test cases by default out of the box with defect tracking well integrated as a part of IBM Rational Collaborative Life Cycle Management platform (CLM). It also enables you to integrate and run automated tests created with other testing tools like IBM Rational Functional Tester, Selenium, HP QTP etc.

How to Automate Data Quality Tests in Your Database?  Blog Test Project

In this article, Emil Drkusic will be focusing on implementing test automation on data quality, meaning testing the data structure and the data already stored in the database. Rather than, terms such as primary, unique and foreign key constraints. To understand the reasons for this procedure,  learn more about the importance of database unit test automation.