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New TestComplete Jenkins Plugin Released –

SmartBear Software has released a TestComplete plugin for Jenkins, a popular open source continuous integration tool. The new TestComplete Jenkins plugin helps simplify and streamline continuous delivery process by making it extremely easy for anyone to automatically execute and report on TestComplete tests through Jenkins. Customers deploying the new TestComplete Jenkins plugin are able to balance speed of application delivery with quality.

StatePrinter 2.0 Released – Software Testing Magazine

StatePrinter is an open source library for C# that turn any object-graph into a string representation. It is mainly intended automating writing ToString methods and help automating aspects of writing and maintaining unit tests. Code which is rather dreary and boring to write.

Best Open Source Test Management Tools – Testing Excellence

Test Management tools are very important to any test team. Test teams use these tools to help capture requirements, design test cases, map test cases to requirements, test execution reports and much more. Companies may use one to many tools for this, which range from very expensive to open source.


Testing Best Practices



Mobile Games Testing Approaches – Software Testing Magazine

Testing mobile games requires particular approaches as they can be played on multiple devices and OS versions. In this article, Ville-Veikko Helppi discusses the different approaches for mobile game testing, as well as infrastructural and architectural aspects of this activity.

QA Tester Tips: How to Evaluate Apps for the Apple Watch? – Testing Excellence

With the upcoming release of the much-awaited wearable from Tim Cook’s camp, many developers are excited to create their own applications for the Apple Watch. Set to be launched early this year, the wearable is bound to be one of the top smartwatches in 2015, based on Quartz. If you will be assigned to evaluate applications for the said device, here are some tips that can help you out.

How to Test Responsive Web Design – Testing Excellence

How do you test a responsive website? What are the challenges involved in testing websites in different devices? How is testing a website on a desktop monitor different from testing on a handheld device such as a mobile phone? What tools can we use to test responsive websites?

Blunders in Test Automation: An Interview with Dorothy Graham –

In this interview, Dorothy Graham, a software test consultant and speaker at STAREAST, covers her upcoming keynote. She goes into detail about the differences between manual and automated testing, as well as explains some of the key blunders testers often run into.

The A to Z Guide on Selecting the Best Automation Tool for Your Project – Software Testing Help

Test automation tool selection is one of the most important steps before starting automation in any organization. It is important because the tool will greatly affect your whole automation effort. If the tool is good and gives you required features, the automation becomes easier and effective.

How to Develop Test Scripts Using Top 5 Most Popular Test Automation Frameworks – Software Testing Help

When you begin to learn about test automation, you must come across the term “test automation framework”. Maybe some of you get uncomfortable with this term and begin to feel that it is something which is difficult to understand and even more difficult to implement.This tutorial is written with the aim to help you understand test automation frameworks as simply as possible.

The Value of Wisdom in Testing – and How to Earn It –

Wisdom is important in testing, but is it a skill? Is wisdom something we learn, or something we gain over the years? Jon Hagar discusses ways testers can expand their perspectives and ignore groupthink to try to become more well-rounded and wiser in their team roles.

Testing in Production – Software Testing Magazine

This talk covers three test methods that we use in production: simulating all kinds of outages with the Simian Army, looking for regressions using canaries, and measuring test effectiveness with code coverage analysis from production.