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South East European Software Testing Conference Last Minute Discount – Software Testing Magazine

The South East European Software Testing (SEETEST) Conference is offering a special last minute 15% discount on its tickets. Our program is live. See what our Tutorial and Keynote speakers are planning to share with you. Hear about their global and accurate vision of the profession current issues and broaden your knowledge on very specific fields.

Software Test Professionals Fall, Dallas, USA, September 19-22 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

The Software Test Professionals Conference Fall edition is a software testing event that will give you the opportunity to improve your software testing technique; find the latest tools; discover emerging trends; develop new or improve existing processes; network and gather with other software testing professionals.

Agile Worx Launches Agile Management Platform – Software Development Tools

Agile Worx, an innovative provider of agile life cycle management tools, has announced the release of the Agile Worx agile management platform which allows companies to adopt a hybrid agile approach to software, hardware and firmware development.

DevOps Benefits for Software Testing – Software Testing Magazine

One of the main trends in software development is to deliver software more quickly. DevOps, continuous delivery or continuous integration are some of the approaches that have been promoted recently to achieve this goal. In their article “DevOps Advantages for Testing”, Gene Gotimer and Thomas Stiehm discusses the advantages that these approaches could provide to software testing and software quality.

Citrix Releases Free Developer Version of NetScaler Load Balancer for Microservices – Software Development Tools

Citrix has announced NetScaler CPX Express, a free developer version of NetScaler CPX, which is a NetScaler in a container form factor that delivers a battle-tested load balancer for developers to create microservices applications. Unlike Free and Open-Source Software (F/OSS) alternatives, NetScaler CPX Express is a full-featured microservices-aware load balancer that gives developers the same enterprise-grade, secure functionality of the market-leading NetScaler platform which is deployed in more than 20,000 enterprise customers and the largest public clouds worldwide.

Testing Microservices – Software Testing Magazine

This presentation provides an overview of the trials and tribulations when testing microservices. It will cover the different testing types that are required, using a sample java-based microservice to highlight the reasons for the requirements. It will also reference this sample microservice as an example of some of the testing techniques that can be used. 

Testing Best Practices


Stress Testing Android app with Monkey Tool – uTest

Monkey, which is provided by Android SDK, generates pseudo-random user events such as touch, click, rotate, swipe, mute the phone, shutdown WiFi and many more, to stress test your app and to see how your app is handling all these random inputs.

When to Stop Testing (Exit Criteria in Software Testing) – Software Testing Help

In today’s article, I would like to share my thoughts on how to conclude testing activities when we reach to a point in our testing cycle where we can say this testing is enough. We will do this with the help of a few real life examples in a typical testing cycle.

Test-Automation-Coding Standards – Automation Testing Knowledge

Coding standards for Java are important because they lead to greater consistency within the code of all developers. Consistency leads to the code that is easier to understand, which in turn results in a code, which is easier to develop and maintain. Code that is difficult to understand and maintain runs the risk of being scrapped and rewritten.

Comparing Top 10 Cross-browser Testing Tools – uTest

Cross-browser testing works by loading a site on different combinations of browsers, operating systems, and devices. However, in today’s time, it is not feasible to manually test on all the available browsers and operating systems. That’s why there are tools that host a variety of browser versions and operating systems and allow you to test your website across multiple platforms.