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Infostretch Launches QMetry Test Manager for JIRA – Software Testing Magazine

Infostretch has launched QMetry Test Manager for JIRA on the Atlassian Marketplace. The solution comes pre-integrated with Atlassian JIRA Software, a software development tool used by agile teams. As an add-on for JIRA Software, QMetry Test Manager for JIRA adds a sophisticated test management capability to the JIRA environment.

BlazeMeter Improves JMeter with Step-by-Step Debugger – Software Testing Magazine

BlazeMeter has released a number of key contributions to the JMeter community, helping to advance JMeter from a scripting and load generation tool to a more complete environment where practitioners can develop, debug and execute tests.

The Best Way To Organize Your Tests  – Software Testing Help

This article presents unique approach to Test Management in regards to how to best manage your project’s information, so you can organize your test cases and test plans better, delivering testing results faster and more effectively.

Testing Best Practices


How Business, Development and QA Can Work Together to Get the Project Completed – Software Testing Help

Too often, we (QA/Testers) are focused on our own needs instead of those of others. We need to discover and help satisfy the needs of others, and we also need to show that our needs are in the best interests of others.

How to Perform Backend Testing – Software Testing Help

Most system testing efforts go through GUI. However, software has a lot of other elements such as database and APIs that aren’t directly visible or available to the user for direct interaction. It does not make these elements any less important and they must too undergo thorough testing. 

Run Selenium WebDriver Using Maven – SoftQE

Maven is a build management tool which will really be helpful if used along with Selenium to automate test cases.

Six areas you should automate for Maximizing Software testing Effectiveness – TestingWhiz

Feedback is important in software development cycle, which is technically termed as software testing. Since the adoption of continuous integration and agile processes, it has become critical to ensure faster feedback to match the speed of continuous delivery. Well, here faster feedback is implied by test automation which allows you to identify regression bugs during code commit and fix problems as soon as they appear.

Your Tests Are not Flaky – Software Testing Magazine

Flaky tests are the bugbear of any automated test engineer. We should spend more time building more deterministic, more testable systems than spending time building resilient and persistent tests. This presentation shares some examples of when test flakiness hid real problems underneath the system, and how it is possible to solve test flakiness by building

Accessibility audits - avoid the mistakes, don’t miss anything – uTest

Check out this article to learn some most common mistakes to avoid when performing Accessibility audits in order to improve your testing.

better systems.

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Performance Testing and Achieve Goals – Software Testing Help

If your company is involved in developing, testing and deploying software, then you’re already using more technologies and tools than can be counted. The sheer quantity of technology in enterprise is an even better reason to leverage the work and products already being used to enhance your performance testing and deliver more value, faster, and at a lower cost.

A guide for starting with Java and Selenium Webdriver for testers – uTest

This guide is mainly intended for people who are experienced manual testers and would like to expand their expertise and get started with automation. This guide gathers different educational materials which helps to get started with Java and Selenium webdriver.