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Neotys Adds Free Edition to NeoLoad Load Testing Tool – Software Testing Magazine

Neotys has announced NeoLoad 5.0, an enhanced version of its load and performance testing solution. The release of NeoLoad 5.0, now available with a Free Edition download, adds powerful new capabilities for mobile applications and web applications to increase testing speed, agility and resulting insights.

Tasktop Sync 3.6 Extends Test Synchronization – Software Testing Magazine

Tasktop has announced Tasktop Sync 3.6 with continued innovations for support of exceptionally complex integration scenarios. Building on the advanced Artifact Relationship Management capabilities in the previous release, Sync 3.6 supports the intricate requirements management needs of embedded software development, as well as the disparate models found in test management.

Facebook’s No Testing Department Approach: An Interview with Simon Stewart – Agile Connection

In this TechWell interview, Facebook's Simon Stewart digs into his company's shocking approach to testing, which is that they don't have a testing department. He also talks about the challenges and pressure that comes along with producing so many different mobile builds per year. 

10 Open Source Mobile Test Automation Tools – Testing Excellence

Here is a list of top ten open source mobile test automation tools to allow you to automate mobile apps and mobile web. Some open source tools for mobile automation can be used for both Android and iOS as well as Native, Web and Hybrid.


Testing Best Practices



A Layman’s Guide to TestLink Test Management Tool – Software Testing Help

This is a complete guide to start using the most popular open source test management tool – TestLink. Learn how to quickly set up and start using TestLink Test Management Tool with these in-depth TestLink Tutorials.

How to Manage Requirements, Execute Test Cases and Generate Reports Using TestLink – Software Testing Help

This is a Part-2 of “Learning TestLink Test Management Tool” tutorial’s series. If you missed part-1 you can check it here: Getting started with TestLink Test Management tool. Let’s learn important features of TestLink including requirements management, test case execution and generating test reports.

To maintain test suites, inspect for validity – Search Software Quality

How do you approach creating and organizing maintainable test suites, and refactoring and re-organizing pre-existing large test suites for future maintainability? The suggestion is to inspect test suites quarterly or as time permits within the application release cycle. This practice can be incorporated into regression execution or carried out as a separate activity where new test cases written for the latest features are merged into the existing test suite.

Testers Are Spending a Whole Lot of Time…Not Testing – uTest

Before you get completely riled up by that statement and think we’re calling testers slackers…we’re not! In fact, testers are quite up in arms about this un-productivity. Based on a recent joint study by uTest, IBM and TechWell, testers are certainly spending a whole lot of time on non-testing-related activities, and testing activities that they simply feel are just a big, plain ol’ waste of time.

Three Ways for Testers to Take Their Careers to the Next Level – uTest

The author lists out some possible way for a tester to take his or her career to the next level as he can see that there are a number of open roles that could not find anyone suitable as performance testing or automation testing roles. There are a few things that can be done to develop the next level in your career path.

Automating tests vs. test-automation – Google Testing Blog

In the last couple of years the practice of testing has undergone more than superficial changes. We have turned our art into engineering, introduced process-models, come up with best-practices, and developed tools to support our daily work and make each test engineer more productive. Some tools target test execution. They aim to automate the repetitive steps that a tester would take to exercise functions through the user interface of a system in order to verify its functionality.