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BlazeMeter Provides Continuous-Testing-as-a-Service – Software Testing Magazine

BlazeMeter today has launched a continuous testing as a service platform. This increase the company’s portfolio options to meet the full spectrum of performance to mobile testing demands. This new platform, using cloud and open source tools, allows to easily create and run tests and integrate testing into the existing development environment.

qTest eXplorer from QASymphony Takes Agile Software Testing to Enterprise –

QASymphony has announced new functionality for qTest eXplorer, bringing their leading testing solution to enterprise with web testing, mobile app testing, and cloud storage integration. This a huge step for Atlanta-based company, that also just closed a $2.5MM Series A.

Sauce Labs Gets $15 Million in New Funding – Software Testing Magazine

Sauce Labs, a cloud-based web and mobile application testing platform, today announced it has secured an additional $15 million in Series D expansion funding from current investor, Toba Capital. The news comes as Sauce Labs experiences overwhelming growth with over 200 million total tests run on its platform, and 145 percent revenue growth in 2014.


Testing Best Practices



Web Site Test Tools and Site Management Tools –

This site to list all the web testing tools and site management tools to the categories. Check listed tool/vendor sites for latest product capabilities, supported platforms/servers/clients, etc; new listings are periodically added to the top of each category section; date of latest update is shown at bottom of this page.

Lessons learned from growing test communities –

In 2011-2012 a friend, Steve Öberg, started a local community with a few test friends. We talked about testing, sharing experiences and discussing/arguing about various test topics. It was a great initiative, but I wanted something more and bigger. I had a discussion with Emily Bache, who run a local meetup on programming. She inspired me to take the step into meetups. It seemed like a great way to organize meetings. I created Passion for Testing and started to invite friends interested in testing.

How to Perform White Box Testing – Explained with a Simple Example – Software Testing Help

This topic will help you to understand White box testing with a simple example. In my career so far, I have seen the testers to be the most enthusiastic community in the software industry.The reason being, that testers always have something in their scope to learn. Be it domain, process or technology, a tester can have a holistic development if they wish to.

What is Software Testing All About? – Software Testing Help

People have different definitions about testing. Some say testing is just about UI verification. And some say testing is just finding defects. But I tried to categorize the whereabouts of testing in the below 10 points.

Why You Need Female Testers on Your Team –

There is a great deal of conversation around the lack of female representation in Silicon Valley. While striving for more equal demographics within the IT world is a worthy cause in its own right, it is actually to our industry’s detriment when we fail to actively include women on testing teams. Read on to learn why.

Why Unit Testing is Not Waste – Software Testing Magazine

Unit testing is always causing some debate about its usefulness in the software development community. Some developers argue that unit tests are a waste of time because they provide few value to assess the quality of the final system and they are difficult to maintain. In his Henrik Warne explains why he thinks that you get a lot of value from unit tests.