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Industry News


STARWEST, Anaheim, USA, October 2-7 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

STARWEST is a six-day software testing event and conference that features pre-conference training, in-depth half- and full-day tutorials and conference sessions covering major software testing issues and software quality solutions.

Quest for Quality, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 13-14 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

The Quest for Quality conference is a two-day event that discusses emerging trends in software testing and DevOps. It represents a unique opportunity for individuals working in software testing, software security and software quality to exchange opinions, showcase their projects and stay up-to-date on the latest industry developments.

Front End Development & Unit Test Automation Trends! – Test Project

TestProject conducted a survey to shade some light on the current front end development technologies and unit testing automation trends. The survey reveals the most popular frameworks and tool preferences of software professionals.

Sauce Labs Supports Jenkins Pipeline Plugin – Software Testing Magazine

Sauce Labs bas announced an update to its OnDemand plugin for Jenkins with explicit support for the Jenkins Pipeline plugin. The move enables development and testing teams to easily create, manage and run automated tests using scripts on Jenkins, resulting in faster testing.

JavaScript Unit Testing with TDD, Jasmine and Karma – Software Testing Help

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a tool combination which will make JavaScript unit testing so much easier. Jasmine and Karma combined will save you hours of testing.

LinkedIn Makes Android Testing Tool Open Source – Software Testing Magazine

LinkedIn has decided to release as open source Test Butler, a tool that aims to provide a reliable Android software testing experience. Test Butler is a two-part Android project: it includes a library that your test code can depend on, as well as a companion Android app apk that is installed on your Android emulator before running tests.

Komodo IDE 10.1 Released – Software Development Tools

ActiveState has announced the release of Komodo IDE 10.1. In addition to expanding its support for AngularJS and GulpJS, this latest release allows enterprises to create their own custom programming tutorials with a new tutorial tool. The Tutorial Tool incorporated in Komodo 10.1 is like having a personal tutor in your IDE. Enterprises, educational institutions and individuals can now create their very own programming tutorials using Komodo IDE. To demonstrate the tutorial tool, the First Start Tutorial was created to walk first-time users through Komodo.

Platform-led Testing – Software Testing Magazine

As organizations try to improve the quality of their software systems and mobile apps, many of them opt for the solution of buying software testing services from an external provider. This article explains the concept of platform-led software testing and what this solution can bring to improve the results of software quality assurance activities.

Testing Best Practices


Stress Testing Android app with Monkey Tool – uTest

Monkey, which is provided by Android SDK, generates pseudo-random user events such as touch, click, rotate, swipe, mute the phone, shutdown WiFi and many more, to stress test your app and to see how your app is handling all these random inputs.

When to Stop Testing (Exit Criteria in Software Testing) – Software Testing Help

In today’s article, I would like to share my thoughts on how to conclude testing activities when we reach to a point in our testing cycle where we can say this testing is enough. We will do this with the help of a few real life examples in a typical testing cycle.