The Vietnam IT Outsourcing (VNITO) organizing team had organized two seminars to promote the event to Japanese enterprises on September 2 in Tokyo and September 4 in Osaka.

The rising labor cost and difficulty to do business in China have created a great opportunity for Vietnam to become a viable alternative to China for Japanese companies seeking for lower-cost of software development. Since 2012 Vietnam has retained its second position of Japan’s largest partners in information technology. Vietnam has also become the most favored partner for Japanese companies according to the latest report of Technology Promotion Agency (IPA).

To promote Vietnam as an emerging offshore destination, HCA and QTSC together with leading software companies in Vietnam organize the Vietnam IT Outsourcing conference (VNITO)on October 14-16th, 2015 at The Reverie Saigon (Times Square) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The VNITO organizing team holds a series of supporting events worldwide to introduce VNITO conference to potential participants. Last July, a seminar was hold in Silicon Valley (California, USA) to introduce to high-tech companies in the US. In September, two seminars were hold in Japan to introduce to the Japanese companies in Osaka and Tokyo areas.

The seminars were called "Collaborative Experiences On Software Outsourcing In VietNam” and attracted more than 40 Japanese IT businesses.

VNITO 2015 Seminar in Tokyo

Gartner was invited to speak in the seminar in Tokyo. Ms. Yuko Adachi, Gartner Vice President, talked about Vietnam IT outsourcing trend. Then the VNITO team shared the status about software offshore opportunities and successful offshore case studies in Vietnam.

VNITO 2015 seminar in Tokyo

VNITO 2015 Seminar in Osaka

IMT Japan representative team joined the seminar in Osaka. Beside the seminar, the event in Osaka included the business matching session, which supported by the Osaka E-Commerce Promotion Department.

VNITO 2015 Osaka seminar

VNITO 2015 business matching session in Osaka

The two events were very successful and rigth after the seminars, some visitors already confirmed their participants to the coming VNITO conference in October.


VNITO is the biggest IT outsourcing conference in Vietnam with the goals to create a global forum for outsourcing consulting firms, buyers and Vietnamese service providers to network, cooperate and discuss trends, issues and opportunities related to software outsourcing and business process outsourcing.

IMT Solutions is proud to be part of the organizing team and well as a sponsor with our aim to make this conference become a regular international event for Vietnam and the region. To learn more about VNITO conference please visit