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Software Quality Days, Vienna, Austria, January 17-20 2017– Professional Tester

The latest trends, best practice methods in quality management and ideas on improving methods and processes - everything revolves around system and software quality. Look forward to keynotes, practical lectures, scientific researches, expert talks and workshops. As part of the Software Quality Days the Tool Challenge will take place on the first day at the conference. The topic of the Tool Challenge this year is: Testing Strategies in a Microservice Architecture.

Compuware Launches Topaz for Total TestSoftware Testing Magazine

Compuware Corporation has announced the availability of Topaz for Total Test, an innovative mainframe solution that brings Java-like unit testing to the world of COBOL applications. By bringing fast, developer-friendly unit testing to COBOL applications, Topaz for Total Test aims to deliver an Agile/DevOps processes that encompass all platforms, from the mainframe to the cloud

ActiveState Adds Test Driven Development Capabilities to ActivePython - Software Testing Magazine

ActiveState has announced the release of an enhanced ActivePython 2.7.12 and ActivePython 3.5.2. In addition to expanding support for test driven development (TDD), this release also includes some of the most popular Python packages including VirtualEnv, Requests, Six, Simplejson, DateUtil, and MarkupSafe. ActivePython now also includes ActiveState’s polyglot IDE, Komodo.

Embarcadero Announces RAD Studio Desktop Bridge Support for Windows 10 DeploymentsSoftware Developer Tools

Embarcadero Technologies has announced that RAD Studio is the first integrated development environment (IDE) to provide built-in support for packaging Win32 and Win64 applications for deployment to the Windows 10 Desktop Bridge, and into the Windows 10 Store. This opens the path for developers to deliver millions of existing apps – along with new applications – to hundreds of millions of Windows users in minutes 

Testing Best Practices


Choosing a Test Case Management Solution for JIRA – Software Testing Magazine

Atlassian JIRA is one of the most popular tool for Agile project management. Many add-ons exist for test case management with this tool. In this article, Vladimir Belorusets presents a set of requirements for an efficient test case management process in JIRA that should help you select the best solution for the software testing needs of your organization.

7 Qualities of Highly Effective Testers – Software Testing Help

Every profession demands certain qualities from its practitioners before accepting them in and making them the best at what they do.

Software Testing demands the qualities discuss in this article even more strongly and there are many reasons for it.

5 Important Diagrams That Testers Need to Learn How to UseSoftware Testing Help

Diagrams have their own special place even in a world with highly evolved and sophisticated forms of writing and expression.Here are some of the prominent ones that we testers come in close contact with often and how we use them.

Testing a Moving Target: How Do We Test Machine Learning Systems? – StickyMinds

Most machine learning systems are based on neural networks, or sets of layered algorithms whose variables can be adjusted via a learning process. These types of systems don’t produce an exact result; in fact, sometimes they can produce an obviously incorrect result. So, how do you test them? Peter Varhol tells you what you should consider when evaluating machine learning systems.

How to Choose Which Tests to Automate? – Testing Excellence

How do you choose which tests to automate and which tests to leave for manual testing?

Before you start automating a test, you need to see what benefits you get by automating the test after you factor in the time, effort and resource invested in test automation.

Below are some factors to consider to help identify which manual tests should or should not be automated. As the old saying goes, just because you can automate something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

Here are some guidelines to help identify good candidates for test automation.