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Web Application Testing Maturity Model & Sencha Test 2.0 Released – Software Testing Magazine

Sencha has announced the release of Sencha Test 2.0, a comprehensive unit and end-to-end functional testing solution for Ext JS apps. In addition, Sencha released its Web Application Testing Maturity Model, specifically designed to guide organizations through the evolution from manual to automated testing as they adopt web application testing in their software development lifecycle.

XebiaLabs Introduces Release as Code for Dual-Mode Enterprise DevOps – Software Development Tools

XebiaLabs announced new “code-centric” capabilities in the latest version of its enterprise DevOps platform, version 6.1. These features empower developers to more easily manage software delivery pipelines using the method they know best—code—while less technical team members can continue to use XebiaLabs’ highly regarded visual user interface.

Ascert Releases VersaTest Automator v1.11Software Testing Magazine

Ascert announces the release of VersaTest Automator version 1.11. This release contains a number of new features. “Once again Ascert have been working on improving VersaTest’s usability.” says Simon Miles, Ascert’s Product Architect for the VersaTest product line.

Progress Telerik DevCraft Released Software Development Tools

Progress has announced the latest release of the Progress Telerik DevCraft suite, the most complete UI toolbox for web, mobile and desktop development. New capabilities support the latest programming frameworks and IDEs, including Angular, Visual Studio 2017, jQuery 3, ASP.NET Core and Xamarin. In addition, the release provides new tooling for faster desktop development, such as enhanced document processing libraries and data components across all desktop suites. 

Neotys and iTrinegy Announce Partnership – Software Testing Magazine

Neotys and iTrinegy, a specialist in virtual test networks, have announced the integration between their load performance and network virtualization tools enabling effective Operational Testing. The direct connection between Neotys NeoLoad and iTrinegy’s INE network emulation software allows companies to mimic any network topology and scenario (good, bad or intermittent), in a controlled and repeatable manner, from Development through Quality Assurance to Deployment.

MapR Enhances Data Integration for Agile Analytics – Software Development Tools

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the industry's only Converged Data Platform, has announced availability of a new MapR Connector for Teradata, a leading analytics solutions company. This provides high speed, parallel connections from Teradata to the MapR Converged Data Platform, improving bulk data transfers, and enabling scalable agile analytics across the ecosystem. The new connector is also certified for use in an Informatica Big Data Management environment for simpler and faster data integrations between MapR and Teradata.

NeuVector Launches New Approach to Continuous Docker Container Security – Software Development Tools

NeuVector has announced the launch and immediate availability of a new approach to securing Docker containers. With constant behavioral learning automatically applied to security policies for containers, NeuVector secures containers where they have been most vulnerable: in production environments where they are constantly being deployed, updated, moved, and scaled across hosts and data centers. Companies with production Docker deployments (or who are evaluating container-based applications) can quickly test-drive NeuVector's answer to stronger and faster container security here. 

Tasktop Launches Integration Hub  Software Development Tools

Tasktop has announced the Tasktop Integration Hub, which uses a completely reimagined approach to connect software delivery at scale. Building on the success and market leadership of the Tasktop Sync, Data and Gateway products, this new, unified suite introduces model-based integration, a new visual and web-based user interface, and the ability to connect all tools and stakeholders in the delivery pipeline. Already supporting the world’s largest Agile and DevOps transformations, Tasktop enables enterprises to scale deployments to hundreds of projects, tens of thousands of users and millions of artifacts--without writing a single line of code.

Testing Best Practices


Context Driven Testing: 7 Basic Principles with an Example – Software Testing Help

Context Driven Testing is a mindset shift (or School of testing) developed by Cem Kaner, James Bach & Bret Pettichord. There are 7 basic principles to it.

The Value of Making Your Data Sources Reusable across Test Automation Tools – Sticky Minds

Many automation tools have a mechanism for storing data used in their test scripts. Typically, the specifics of this mechanism is different across tools, making it difficult to use this data outside the tool itself. Using an external, reusable data source allows organizations to avoid the cost of migrating or duplicating existing data, thereby future-proofing their frameworks.

Component Testing (or Module Testing) Explained with a Simple Example – Software Testing Help

A component is the lowest unit of any application. So Component testing; as the name suggest, is a technique of testing the lowest or the smallest unit of any application.

Teach DevOps Software Development with a Game – Sticky Minds

The core idea of DevOps is the various roles working together to create a stable software system. People can hear that, or read about it, or even observe it, but often, the best way for a team new to DevOps to understand it is to just do it. When you're starting out, that can lead to failures on a real system, so a simulation is a good idea. Try playing a game to introduce your team to DevOps.

How to Create Mock Service and Dynamic Response in SoapUI – Software Testing Help

In this tutorial, we will cover all about mock services. You will learn:

  • What is a mock service and why is it required?
  • How to create a mock service in SOAPUI?
  • What is mock operation and a dynamic mock response?
  • Understanding mock operation and dispatch methods with an example. 
  • Scripting for Mock Response.