On Aug 27, 2016 at SaigonTech’s campus, the MOU of establishment of ISC-Quang Trung (IT Workforce Solution Center Quang Trung) was signed by the representatives of four co-founding organizations: Vietnam IT Outsourcing Alliance (VNITO), Quang Trung Software City (QTSC), Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association (HCA) and SaigonTech

The ISC Quang Trung will help the IT students enhance practical skills and gain necessary knowledge to meet the requirements of the software companies. The center helps solve the shortage of qualified IT human resources in Vietnam. The curriculum includes 160 class hours and 200 hours of project practice and on-job training. The program certificate is recognized by leading software companies in Vietnam such as TMA Solutions, Global Cybersoft, Harvey Nash Vietnam, LogiGear, IMT Solutions, Larion Computing, Kyanon Digital, ISB Vietnam, Sunrise Software Solutions, and Success Software Service. Graduates are guaranteed to be interviewed by at least three member companies of VNITO Alliance.

The training curriculum is jointly built by SaigonTech and VNITO Alliance, QTSC and HCA to ensure its practicality. The program also meets with American education standard through SaigonTech’s partnership with Houston Community College, Texas, United States. The lectures are project leaders from software companies in VNITO Alliance and lectures from SaigonTech, who have been teaching the IT programs from Houston Community College for many years. The curriculum includes working process (Agile Scrum), soft skills, technical training and on-job training. The first class was openned on Aug 15th. Besides fiancial aid program from SaigonTech, students have opportunities to receive scholarships from VNITO Alliance companies as well.

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